Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nice to See You

This week has been gorgeous so far. Absolutely gorgeous. I’m talking, summa’ time gorgeous. And we have been soaking it up. I’m hoping that now we’ve hit the middle of May, we can count on this kind of weather to stick around. Hoping.

I have to admit, I’m a bit nervous of what this summer will bring for Evalyn. Will she get to enjoy it to the max, despite the major life changes coming our way? Will I be able to meet her needs for fun and adventure while also moving and meeting the needs of my newborn?

All I can do is know that I have 6’ish weeks left to take full advantage of being a Mom of one. And that I will. Now, if only someone could clue me in as to how to take advantage of summer weather with a 20 month old, prepare to move and be 8 months pregnant that would be fab!

For now – I’ll just say, “Hello, Summer! Nice to see you”.



Shannon Dew said...

I cannot get enough of this picture! the hat?! the drink?! her little straw face!? i die! literally.

Shannon Dew said...
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Sprinkles said...

The photo is perfect, really. It screams summer to me (little hat, tank top, loving something cold with ice). Adorable, enjoy it!

areimer said...

I have officially read every post you've written. Totally not creepy. But you're a pretty cool lady. So don't judge me. Your little girl is super cute. Like ridiculously. i was going to suggest an arranged marriage between our children... but maybe it's too soon.

{annie_loo} said...

That little thing...she is so cute! LOVE IT! Good luck with the moving. We've got to be out June 15th...if all goes as planned. Where are we going???? I"M NOT SURE!!!!!!

Samantha said...

She is SO SO SO cute! Those eyelashes are just so long!