Thursday, May 17, 2012

34 Week Bump-Dater

34 down. 6 (or probably more like 7) to go.

And I am feeling great. I probably shouldn’t say that for fear of jinxing myself but I’m actually feeling much better now than I was about a month ago. The pelvic discomfort has really eased up, I’m still sleeping decently and I’m not too exhausted. At 30 weeks, I started taking an iron supplement upon recommendation by my midwife, so I think that has helped with my overall energy and comfort level. Of course, there are days where I feel like I over did it and by the evening I’m whipped but overall, I’m a-okay. Aside from the heartburn that is. Hoky smokes, the heart burn!

The belly is getting larger and in charger with each passing day. Bending over, breathing, walking, putting on shoes, sitting … basically everything … is getting more and more tricky. See for yourself what I’m talking about:

34 weeks 021

Baby is head down and comfy cozy there. Yesterday, s/he had a heart rate of 130 and the midwife said everything looks great. We’re measuring right on and she said if she had to predict, she’d guess I’ll end up with a baby somewhere around the 8 pound mark. Of course, that is just a guess.

Speaking of guesses, while we’re at it, I may as well throw my hat into the ring. My prediction is: July 1st, wee hours of the morning, let’s say 3:48 a.m. to be specific. Boy. 8 pounds even. Let’s see how good Mama’s intuition really is.

I’m sitting somewhere between the 25-30 pound mark right now, so I’m predicting I’ll end this pregnancy gaining slightly more than I did with Evalyn (which was 38 pounds). Good thing I will have the summer ahead of me to get outside and walk lots.

I have started to get things in the house ready for baby. A drawer has been cleared out of Daddy’s dresser and has been filled with newborn sleepers and onesies - since baby will be rooming with us for a while and won’t have his/her own room until we’re settled in the new house. I’ve also re-organized a few things in Evalyn’s room to accommodate the baby gear that has to come back out of storage.

Evalyn and I talk about and pray for the baby a lot these days. She hugs it, kisses it, says “Yuv you baby” and has been practicing both names quite a bit. The other day I asked her to say Baby ______ (insert girl name) and she said “No way! Baby ________” (insert boy name) so obviously she is on the same page as me and thinks it’ll be a boy. Although she still calls it her sister a lot. So, yeah. She clearly has no clue.

Evan and I are both getting so excited anticipating the birth of this baby. We are so anxious to meet the little creature and figure out this family of four kind of thing.

Soon enough. Soon enough.


Aunt Shelley said...

Those dates and times sound about right. First time we went to the hospital right after work and baby was born shortly after midnight. Tim was able to work the next day. Second time planned c-section 8am so Tim probably only missed an hour or two of work. Came home both times on Sunday. Oh the joys of being self employed! Things tend to work themselves out so I've learned to remind myself that I am not in control.

Nicole said...

Yeah, I think I'm changing my vote too. I am thinking BOY!

Sprinkles said...

I really know zero about babies other than babysitting, so I'm not touching that due date/time, but I wanted to tell you that the sweet things that little Miss E says just crack me up. I told my husband the other day that I can't wait until we have kids for adorable moments like that!

Jaclyn_Rose said...

I love how kids mispronounce "love". My guy says "I lug you!"

I was just wondering, are you having a home birth again?

Kyle said...

This is so exciting :)

erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

you are absolutely radiant and i am praying for your sweet baby.

i know "baby erin" probably sounds like "baby e-win" when evalyn pronounces it, but i bet it is adorable to hear her practice the sound of my name ;)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

you look awesome lady. and i totally think that looks like a boy belly too ;) guess my vote changed!

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

You are looking great! I can't wait to hear what you are having, I love how both times your intuition has changed in the later days. My intuition changed just days before my ultrasound...its kind of crazy how that happens (and how sometimes, you can still be wrong!) :)

Emily said...

I'm ready to weigh's totally a boy!! :) You look fantastic!

Laura said...

You are looking so cute!! I am right about where you are with the baby weight gain... I am already ready to start working on getting it off!