Thursday, January 12, 2012

Okay, pregnancy brain! You win. I give up.

Yesterday was a completely normal day. Evalyn and I did what we do and when Evan got home, we had dinner, ran into town to do a few errands, had a snack, did bath time, and put Evalyn to bed. Evan was doing some work in his shop, so I cuddled up in my clean bed (yay for clean sheets day) and did some blogging, some research for work and some real estate perusing. He had to go to work at his side job around 10, so when he came in to say goodbye, I figured it was time to go to sleep.

Off I drifted into dreamland until about 11:30 when I was woke with a start to hear some high pitched, shrill shrieking from my girl. It only last a second or two and then she was silent again. Just enough to wake me up. And suddenly, as I was laying there awake, I got to thinking …

“What day is it again?”

Since I’m not back to my regular work schedule just yet, I feel like the days blend into each other and I’m never quite sure exactly what day of the week or month it is. I knew we would be going out for dinner with my family to celebrate some special events on Saturday. Which was going to be January 14th. And I was pretty sure this was Wednesday. Which probably meant it was January 11th.

My big sissy’s birthday.

The sister that I had had three or four text conversations with throughout the day.

The sister who I had never wished a Happy Birthday to.

How this is possible? I’m not sure. I thought that with the help of my EC Life Planner and Facebook I would never forget a birthday again. But I did.

Which is totally lame since I already have talked about thought about her birthday and know that we’re going to celebrate on Saturday. It’s not like I didn’t know it was coming. It just totally jumped out of my mind. Pregnancy brain, right?

I immediately texted her and told her I woke up and realized it was her birthday and that I’d never said anything and felt so bad. She’s pregnant, too, so I was kind of hoping she had forgotten her own birthday, too. But no such luck.

This morning, she texted me back and said it was no big deal, her husband forgot, too.

At least I can pull the pregnancy brain card. What’s his excuse?

Happy Birthday, Kris!


Aliya said...

I shook a bottle of OJ the other morning... without the top on. Pregnancy brain at it's finest.

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Oh no, that's the worst! She was probably more upset with her hubby than you though.

Ashley said...

Too funny!!!

I just got twitter and tried adding you @LifeAsIknow09

Carrie said...

bahahahaha love it

Laura said...

Pregnancy brain is awful! And so true. It's not your fault!