Monday, November 7, 2011

Randoms for Monday

* I do not understand daylight savings time. I had to ask Evan approximately 4902882 times if it meant Eva would sleep in later, get up earlier, go to bed later, or go to bed later. “So, when she goes to bed at 7, it will feel like 6? Or 8? Or what?” Sorry but my brain haz a tiny.

* Thankfully, even though E did try to wake up hours early on Sunday morning, I was able to trick her back to sleep and we all ended up enjoying that extra hour to the fullest.

* This weekend I spent Saturday morning at a baby shower. I put Eva down for a nap before I left and when she got up, Evan told me she said “Oh dada. Mama go?” See? She does miss me when I’m gone.

* We got to enjoy a super last minute impromptu (childless) double date with our good friends on Saturday night. Let me tell you, that night out? Was needed. What a great time. And I would be lying if I said that live in baby sitters weren’t the most awesome thing on the planet.

* The weather has been beautiful lately. We’re enjoying fall to the max. Trying not to think about what’s around the corner.

* Cinnamon Pastry K-Cups? Yes please.

* My mom is here for a visit. We look forward to these days so, so, so much. Spending time with Nana is good for the soul.

Happy Monday, Friends!


Elizabeth said...

DST is stupid. Just stupid. There's no reason why it should be pitch black at 5:30pm! :)

Penny said...

I agree with you on DST. It just doesn't fit in my little head, lol!

Cinnamon pastry k-cups?? Whhaaa?? What brand is that???

Shannon Dew said...

I think I may move to one of those states that doesn't do DST, doesn't Indiana not do it? I'm not far from there so wouldn't be a BIG move...

Mrs. I said...

I grew up in Arizona where we did NOT change time. Now, living in Pittsburgh, it's still confusing 4 years later. I'm not a fan of the dark early. At All.

Fun on the date night! We had an impromptu night without kids Saturday night too!


A Life to Remember said...

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PS i have a giveaway posted.

SEL said...

I don't really understand dst either.