Thursday, August 11, 2011

No. You….

No. You poured the crumbs from the bottom of the Tostitos bag into the salsa bowl, stirred it up and ate it with a spoon so none of the chips went to waste.

No. You bought your kid amazing insulated no-spill straw sippy cups and then had to google and download the assembly instructions after you washed them because you could not figure out how to put the darn things back together.

No. You ordered your kid’s first birthday invitations and then had to re-order them and plan a special trip across the border to pick them up from a US post box so you will have them in time because the date of the party had to get switched.

No. You didn’t have time to go play at the park and get home in time to get dinner in the oven so you just went to McDonald’s and got a $1 vanilla iced coffee instead.

No. You picked 45228472 peppers from your garden and didn’t have a clue what to do with them all.

No. You lost sleep because you were worrying about how you’re possibly going to have time to can all of the tomatoes and salsa and beets now that you have a little Mini-you running around your house like a wild woman.

No. You took a 3 minute video of your baby motoring around the house on her feet, pushing her little car around before you realized that you had not pressed record.

No. You watched your child pull her ponytail out of her hair and swallow the tiny little elastic as your husband quickly pulled over and you frantically jumped into the backseat in an attempt to stop her.

No. You discovered that it takes approximately 45 hours for said tiny little elastic to pass through a little person’s system. Ahem.

No. You used to a flashlight to light up the laundry room for 5 days after the light bulb burnt out instead of driving yourself to the hardware store to get a new bulb.

That’s right. You did all those things. Because I certainly did not.


Ashley said...

Cute Post...

I have certainly never done any of these things. :)

Love the mini-me comment, I can relate having a mini-man-me destroying my home.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

45 minutes? IMPRESSIVE.

Ashley Paige said...

i LOVE this... i'm about to go dump the remnants of our tostitos in the salsa jar. what a brilliant idea!!!!

and 45 hours? i'm with Katie on this one.. ;oP

Justine said...

Hi I am a new follower! I love this post... the googled instructions? That happens lots in my household!

This Texas Momma said...

Ha! So funny! And I'm glad that elastic band didn't cause any problems....good to know for the future......

Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

haha! love this post.

Samantha said...

Hands down this was my favorite post from this week. AND, I think I might borrow the idea for a post myself this week.