Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So What Wednesday? … 35 Tries

Today I’m linking up with Shannon for So What Wednesday for the first time.

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So what if this is not the first time that I’ve posted about Eva’s outtakes during a photo shoot? This is my blog and I can do what I want.

So what if she was more interested in her toes than in smiling for the camera?


So what if she decided that shrieking at the top of her lungs would be a better idea?


So what if her interest in her monkey far outweighed her interest in me?


So what if I am not a good photographer and some of the photos that she may have looked half decent in are crappy because of my sub sub sub par skills?


So what if after hours (okay, minutes) of torture this is the best shot we got?

2011-04-06 28 weeks

So what if after the 34th shot I decided that enough was enough and I wanted to make this work and I wanted to get a good shot?

So what if in order to do that, I simply removed one of the monkeys from the equation?



Traci said...

I love your "best shot". That is awesome!

Jessica said...

HAHA Love all the pictures but the last (with her & the Monkey) is so cute!

Kar said...

I love it :)

This Texas Momma said...

Ha! So funny! And she looks cute in her little outfit.... It wouldn't be new by chance, would it? ;)

Gaby said...

It get worse as they move more! She is so cute with her outfit!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Bahaha. It gets MORE and MORE FUN :) :)

Kelly said...

Oh you make me laugh and smile. Love all the shots! They all capture memories and just remember...NO ONE is perfect. If we all sat still and smiled the same...then we wouldn't be individuals. My daughter is going through the same with our dear little one. I have many photos of side views...back of head...funny faces...blurry..etc. I LOVE them all. Very well said..."So What"

Queen E said...

She is hilarious.

And? Holy crap! Her stuffed monkey is shrinking! It's like magic. No way is she that big already. No. Way.

Penny said...

Awww...that baby is so cute!! =) You're one lucky mama!

Lucky in Love said...

Okay this is the best post ever :) Those pictures are cracking me up! I can tell she is such a funny girl! Ha :)

Land of Blissful Chaos said...

Ah...that last picture of her and the monkey is great. And I agree with whoever said that the monkey looks smaller. It must have shrunk in the dryer.

Kayla said...

I LOVE your little lady's facial expressions! :-) She puts a smile on my face every time!