Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It’s Not Always Easy

You’ve all seen a variety of Eva’s “Monkey Pictures”. You know? The ones that document her growth next to a giant monkey on a week to week basis? Well, now that she’s to the age where we start counting in months and not weeks, I have stopped posting the pictures weekly because I’m pretty sure no one will care to see Eva’s 32nd week photo.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped taking them.

Not only do I like to take them to document her growth but I also want to showcase all of her cutest outfits, of course.

But I’m here to tell you that the process of getting all of these supah cute photos (as seen below) is not always easy.

Eva's growth photos

Take yesterday for example.

We were all dressed up and ready to go out. Perfect time for a photo shoot.

But I was wrong. Evalyn had other plans.

Plans to play with her hands.


Plans to stick out her tongue.


Plans to hide from the camera.


And plans to be goofy.


No plans to smile.

No plans to cooperate.

So after what you can see was a ridiculous number of attempts, I finally gave up.

We’ll try again next time!


Kelly said...

Sooo cute. My first and only (so far) grand daughter is 9 months and our daughter does the same as you do with the pictures. We love getting the pictures in our email. She too, is going through the same thing with 'photo shoots'. I read about your little one and remember back just a few months when 'L' was more interested in her hands, toes, and sticking the tongue out. At 9 months, she is now crawling away, turning around, and all done with a smirk (sure sign she knows she is pushing her mommies buttons). Have fun capturing even the silliest memories.

This Texas Momma said...

Isn't it amazing that our parents had any good pictures of us on the old film camera where you took ONE picture and hoped it came out good? I marvel at that every time I take 53 billion pictures of Luke to get a good one. And for the record I think the first one on the very bottom row is a very good one! (and if you are anything like me, good luck editing those down for a photo album. Even though they are 'flubs' I still have a hard time choosing between the subtle nuesonces (sp?) of a cute face.)

Anonymous said...

I love getting her updates! so keep em coming sista! i laughed out loud at the pictures! and i love that outfit!


Katie said...

What a doll! Even though she wasn't totally cooperating you still got some adorable pictures.

Katie~Loves Of Life said... gets SO much harder, just sayin'. Thats why the last two months of pictures have sucked. big time.

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Seriously, she just makes me smile. I loved the ones where she' sticking out her tongue.

Anonymous said...

I sure enjoy reading your blog. Your baby is super cute too!