Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Five Months

Dear Baby Girl,

You are already five months old! You are a happy, happy, happy girl and you make your Daddy and I laugh every.single.day. You have looked a lot like your Daddy this month although your Nana K (and a few other people) say that there are times when you look like me, too.

21 weeks - 5 months

Although we don’t have a doctor’s appointment to confirm your stats, I did the ol’ weigh myself with you and then weigh myself with you trick at Nana’s and my guess is that you are sitting right around 15 pounds even. You are wearing 3-6 and 6 month clothes. It won’t be long before we’ll need to bust out some 9 monthers – you are a tall girl and some of your pants are getting too short. You wear size 3 disposes and are still in medium cloth diaper covers. Your hair is coming in a little more each day and soon (I hope!) we’ll be able to show off some of the many hair clippies that are in your collection.

Here’s how you’ve changed this month:

Growth Photos3

Growth Photos4

This month you spent a lot of time playing with your Daddy. He sure knows how to make you laugh. Every time I see you two play together, my heart melts over and over and over again (even when Daddy does crazy things with you that make me nervous). I just love you two so much.

Playing with Daddy

You rolled from your tummy to your back a long time ago but once you figured out how to roll from your back to your tummy, you seemed to forget how to go the other way for a few weeks. It took you until about a week ago to remember that you do know how to go both ways. Now, you’ve been rolling around like crazy and Mommy’s still getting used to it. This business of having a mobile baby is something else. (Hint: I did not lay you down next to your blankets in these photos).


When you’re on your tummy, you’ve really started to push up on your toes and you sometimes figure out how to squirm a little bit, although you usually go backwards. I wouldn’t be surprised if you start doing an army crawl before too long. Today Daddy reminded me that he started walking when he was only two months older than you are! Baby girl, even though you look a lot like Daddy doesn’t mean you have to act like him. Take your time with the walking business, mkay?

Near the beginning of the month you discovered your yummy little toes. You have those things in your mouth all the time. When you’re wearing CDs and pants, you have trouble getting your feet up to your face but as soon as the dipey comes off? You are all over it. Every night you love to have some naked time where you can roll around in the nude and nibble on your toesies.


This month you did lots of fun things!

You went swimming for the first time.


You played with your puppy, wore a crazy hat, learned how to jump jump jump, and even fell asleep in the bathtub once.


Everyday you make new faces and I want to memorize every single one. You are so beautiful to me.



You nap twice (sometimes still three times) a day and have been sleeping pretty good at night (knock on wood). Your nights still aren’t entirely consistent but I’d say we’ve had more good nights than bad nights over the past month. Almost every day, you and I spend some time together cuddling in the moby. There are lots of times when you don’t want to take a third nap, but having 20-30 minutes of snuggle time with Mama seems to help you recharge your batteries to get through the last little bit of the evening before naked time and bath time.

About a week and a half ago, we gave you some rice cereal for the first time. We tried it every day for a week but it doesn’t seem like you’re quite ready for it yet, so we’re going to cool it and try again in a while. For now, you seem happy with just breast milk.


We went to visit Nana and Papa for a few days while Daddy went up north to play hockey. Girly, you sure do love that Papa of yours! At church, when he was at the front singing, you sang as loud as you could from the back row to make sure he could hear you. You also got to have a visit with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa, too.

This month just flew by. Perhaps the fastest one yet. I hope it’s not a sign that each month is just going to go by faster and faster. I want time to slow down! I love spending my days with you and I never ever ever want you to grow up. I want you to be my little Bean Bag forever and ever. But at the same time, I’m excited to watch you grow and change.

Everyday I get to spend with you is a blessing from God. I praise Him for the gift that you are to me. I love you so much my heart might explode.




Brittany Ann said...

Sweet E is five months old? How? Oh, she's so big!

And you! You're so small! You're looking great, girlfriend!

Erin said...

Oh my goodness love the picture overload and I love the hubby lifting her in the air in the two pictures.. they are priceless!

Jackie said...

Gosh it flies by! Love the updates!

Michelle said...

oh my gosh too precious!

Meg said...

She is adorable!

Scott said...

What a delightful post!

And it was very kind of you to send such a sweet gift to my niece-in-law, Jess!

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Gosh, she's getting so big. I LOVE the photo of her in the red where her tongue is sticking out. Totally made me laugh. She is such a cute baby! Loved hearing what she's been up to. I see you got her ears piercred?? I'm sure you blogged about it so I'll keep reading to see what you had to say. Shane keeps asking if we are going to get Aubrey's ears done.