Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Boy Can Talk

I’ve told you before that my hubby has a sleep talking problem right? Um, hello? Remember Little Dickie?

The past couple nights he’s had some good ones. Both right when he was falling asleep – which is often when the very best conversations come out.  Those times where I have to stop and think, “Wait. What did he just say? Is he asleep?”. My favourite are when you can decipher the things he says and figure out that they somehow relate to his hobbies or his job. Which, I think, both of these do.

A few nights ago we were just about to go to sleep. Sometimes if we’re chatting in bed before we say goodnight I say something like “Is there anything else we need to say?”. I don’t know why I do this. I guess just to make sure everything that needs to be said about the day is said.

His response? “What do you want me to say something about? My day? Or your new gun? Or that bolt that goes in and out of it?”

Say WHAT now?

Last time I checked I did not have a new gun. Heck, I don’t even have an old gun. And the bolt? I’m not sure what it is or where it goes in and out of.

Then last night on the brink of sleep, I rolled over to cuddle him as the big spoon.

I sighed and said “Ah. I wish I like cuddling while I sleep but I just don’t.”

Him: “You do like cuddling while you sleep. You just don’t like cuddling while you’re falling asleep”. (See? He was still awake during this comment. You’re about to see how quickly boyfriend falls asleep).

Me: “Whatever. You never cuddle me while I’m asleep.”

Him: “That is not true. You have … no idea how often I … cuddle you … right on … the side of that railing.”

(FTR, The … indicate the pauses in his speech. Which is a sure fire way of knowing that whatever he’s about to say is going to be cracked.)

So watch out. When you’re least expecting it, you’re going to find me and my hubby cuddling close … right on the side of that railing.


Laura said...

Oh my GOSH. I would have peed in my pants if Jarrod did that. Alas, *I* am the talker in our relationship, and if I started asking about his guns, he wouldn't be able to tell I was sleep talking. :)

Jess said...

LMAO. Neither Chris or I talk in our sleep, so I can only imagine how flipping hilarious this must be.

Land of Blissful Chaos said...

LOL That is great. J talks in his sleep, but not that much. He once sang me a song (one that he made up) while in his sleep.

The other day he passed out downstairs and I woke him up to come to bed. I saw a huge scab on his shin and asked him where he got it, and he said, "Sherman the dog..." He said he was dreaming about Sherman and Mr. Peabody. suuurree.

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

I've done things on the side of a railing, but I wouldn't call it cuddling.

Erin said...

Oh my goodness that is funny.. Neither hubs or I talk in our sleep! so funny!

AmbyLand said...

That is pretty funny. My husband molests me in his sleep. He wakes me up and gets me all excited about middle-of-the-night-sex and then he rolls over and snores.

Kar said...

this is awesome!!!! I laughed so hard- and then had to share it with the hubby!! lol

Country Dreaming said...

Very very funny.
Ken usually says someithnig and then he's asleep. He can fall asleep mid sentence. Very frustrating. :)


Gaby said...

the hubs also talks in his sleep the latest one was
" what.. i know i know.. im going..stop the car ill get it"


Elizabeth said...

Ken does this sometimes but never coherently enough that I can make it out. Which may be a good thing.

I however have been known to sleep walk, but I don't think it's happened lately. One would need to actually GET sleep to sleep walk, y'know?

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

HAHA, I would have died!!! Gabe says I talk in my sleep, but I don't believe him :)

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

I shouldn't have read this with Aubrey sleeping on my lap!