Thursday, January 13, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Just before Christmas Evalyn started laughing. It started as a very occasional occurrence. Only the Dude could make her laugh. And only if he tickled her in just the right place at just the right time. It was, as with most developments, accidental at first. He would tickle her and suddenly, a noise would come out of her mouth. It would startle her at first. And sometimes, she’d laugh at herself laughing.

Over the following weeks, her moments of laughter became more common. I started to be able to make her laugh if I tickled her. Then she started laughing when we said funny things and spoke in funny voices. She started laughing after she finished nursing and when she woke up in the morning.

When we got home from the Christmas holidays, I made it my goal to catch her laugh on video before it changes. Because you know, just as soon as your kiddo does something cute, they go and change it up. Nothing stays the same for too long. And I want to remember this sweet old belly laugh.

It took about 62,524 attempts at recording her to finally get her laugh on camera. Every time she was in a laughing mood, we would grab the camera. And then she’d stop. Whether it was because she was distracted by the red light on the camera or that she is just stubborn (not my girl), we could not get her to laugh on video. Almost every time, as soon as we put the camera down, the laughs would resume.

I even tried the hidden camera approach. She was in her jumperoo and I held the camera underneath it, so only her legs are in view. Still, no luck.

Finally yesterday, after so many unsuccessful attempts, I finally caught her in the act.

Go ahead. Watch it. And just try not to laugh along with her.

It’s impossible.

**Once again, please disregard psychotic Mom voice**


Elizabeth said...

I think if everyone heard a baby laugh every day, there'd be no war. So precious.

Katie said...

haha I LOVE IT. She has like a hearty laugh. And i like your singing. You can be on american idol or something. Oh wait, you're canadian.

SnoWhite said...

Love it!!!

Jess said...

That's adorable.

And your voice sounds exactly like I thought it would.

Meg said...


This Texas Momma said...

So very sweet!

Gina said...

So cute. I need to get G laughing on video, first of all because it's cute, but secondly because the way I get him to laugh is eerily similar to your way. :)

Kar said...

omg!!!! She's laughing???!!!
I love that song your singing!!
sooo cute!

Cristina said...

that is so sweet! I totally missed reading your blog :)

Jaclyn_Rose said...

That video is great! Finn heard it and RAN over and start laughing and smiling as well. Although I'm not 100% what he liked more - your song, or the baby laughing!