Monday, January 10, 2011

And then there was you…

This seems like such a cliché post, but, you know, I have to write it. I just have to.

One year ago today, on a chilly Sunday morning, I woke up bright dark and early with my heart a-fluttering and the most intense butterflies I had ever felt in my life swimming around inside my tummy.

I had done what I was about to do a few times before in my life, but it was never like this. This was the first time that I actually *honestly* suspected something might come of what I was about to do.

I crept to the washroom, careful not to wake the Dude (although, um, hello … a freight train can’t wake that guy), and did the deed.

I peed on the stick.

I knew from experience that I would drive myself bonkers if I stood there at the counter, counting the milliseconds, and watching.

So, I jumped in the shower and tried to stay calm.

It was going to be negative anyway.

Obviously it was going to be negative. I was crazy to think it might be positive.

A few minutes later, I got out of the shower, forced myself to dry off, comb my hair and put lotion on before I even dared take a sideways glance at the little white stick sitting beside me.

And then it was time.

I peered down.

And I saw it.

I rubbed my eyes.

Surely my vision was just blurred because it was not even 6 am and I should still be sleeping.

But it was still there.

A plus sign.

pics 064

My plans for an elaborately planned out drama production to tell the Dude he was going to be a father were gone as I ran back to our bedroom, flipped on the light, jumped on his head, and yelled, “We’re pregnant!”

And in that moment, everything changed.

Our lives changed.

In that moment, we became Mommy and Daddy and we have never been the same.


Elizabeth said...

Awww! Sweet! I remember both of my positive test experiences like they were yesterday. And telling Ken the 2nd time around was so much more fun, because Sam was my little messenger.

So, technically little Eva has been *alive* for more than a year now. Can you believe that? :)

Jackie said...

Cliche or it!

Jess said...

I remember all my MANY positive tests. LOL. The last one is the one that shocked me the most, obvs. But still. There's nothing quite like seeing that little pink/blue line

Carrie said...

I love the part about how you woke up E to tell him! :)

Erin said...

oh.. what a great memory and a perfect morning :)

This Texas Momma said...

I can't believe it's been a whole year! And while it's nice to write it's something you won't ever forget. :)

Sarah said...

i love this post! I'm pretty sure I have a very similar post out there that, when you first see it in your reader you think "OMG she's pregnant again!" I love it.

Lucky in Love said...

I cannot believe it has been a year!! So amazing :)

Brittany Ann said...

I did the same thing with P. I had elaborate plans on how to tell him while I was pee-ing on that test.

But the second those two lines popped up, I screamed. Secret over.

Kar said...

So Cute! Such a wonderful memory :)

I love how you had to rub your eyes! I've 'imagined' a line when we've had some neg. tests! lol I actually convinced myself that there was a faint line! hehe

Tiffany said...

What a great way to find to find out you're pregnant. I remember when I found out too. It is a moment that can't quite be put into words because it's so special!

d.a.r. said...


Holly said...

The question is, did you save the stick?

Tricia said...

Marcia said...

Poor Fabulous Dudes head.

Shaina said...

yay! can't believe it was a year ago.

Anonymous said...

So, I'm still catching up and therefore pretty late, but with all the babies born recently, I'm seeing a lot of these "positive test remembrance" posts, and I love it. Can't wait to do mine in May. :) Yay for your cute babe!