Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Little Corner

This here is our little corner.

pics 077

I like to call it the Nursing Nook. For the first several weeks of Eva’s life, we didn’t spend very much time in this little corner. You would very rarely find us here. We spent most of our nursing sessions camped out on the couch or in my bed.

However, since we have moved her into her own room, we have found ourselves in this little corner much more often. Over the past few weeks, I have begun nursing her here at bedtime and sometimes through the night (although she and I both sometimes prefer laying down in my bed for night time nursing sessions).

Once I started nursing her in our little corner at night, I realized that this chair is definitely the most comfortable place to nurse in our house. So now you’ll find us in our little corner quite often throughout the day.

I love the moments Evalyn and I share together in this little corner. In the day time, we talk and sing and giggle during our nursing sessions and at night, we are peaceful and silent and sleepy together. There is no computer. No TV. No other people.It is a place in our home that belongs to just us – although Daddy sometimes gets a few minutes of snuggling in our little corner.

I am excited for the times we will spend in our little corner in the future. The books we will read. The stories we will tell. The snuggles we will share.

This is our place.


Elizabeth said...

I did the same thing in Sam's room - card stock/pretty paper in frames. They're like place holders until she has more pictures to put in .

Love her monkey stuff, cute!

Aunt Shelley said...

What did I tell you yesterday...we mommas cry so you've gone and done it again...btw where is the "E" that you were going to hang on the wall?

Lucy Marie said...

Oh whoops - the E is there ... in the middle of the display. The photo was taken before she was born. She's sleeping now so I can't sneak in and take a new photo :)

Erica said...

I'm glad you love your corner! It's so cute:) I hated nursing in "our" corner in Kirsten's room. The $20 glider/ottoman from Craigslist seemed like a good idea, but next time I'm investing in a big, comfy, rocking Lazy-Boy. Where did you get yours?

Jaclyn_Rose said...

Your corner looks very cozy!! We shared a room with baby forever (still sharing) so I always just nursed on my bed, I was VERY comfy that way.

Jillian said...

Emerson and I have a corner too and since we don't nurse anymore we use that chair for reading and stuff!! We don't have enough money for a second chair for Ansley so I am going to have to give that one up with Em! I am so sad:( We've even used it for sick night, its been through a lot!

Erin said...

A perfect little place it is.. I am sad we did not spend money on a nice chair but we do all the night time feedings in our bed.. thank goodness there are no more night time feedings though :)

Love your place!

Katie said...

I love our cozy corner too! Its funny, we didnt use ours either for the first few months. But now? ALL the time. I love it. So cozy and SO freaking fun to sing and giggle and just relax with her in the chair. It only gets better :)