Monday, October 4, 2010

A Big Weekend for Baby

This little lady had a busy weekend! On Saturday evening, she got spoiled rotten and had both of her Nana's here to fuss over her together. Too bad our kid isn't going to be loved by anyone.

We got all dressed up to head to Aunt Shelley's for dinner. Eva wore the very first dress that I ever wore. It was given to me by my Grandma to wear home from the hospital so I thought it would be special if Eva wore it the night she got to meet her Great Grandma.

Great Grandma was so happy to meet her.

Here there are four generations. My grandparents, my dad, me, and Eva.

On Sunday morning, we got all prettied up again to head to church.

And afterwards, we got to go to M&Ls for lunch and to meet a bunch of Daddy's side of the family. Here we are with three of Eva's cousins.

There were lotssssssss of arms to snuggle her but unfortunately, she was acting like a crab apple most of the day. She ate almost non stop and hardly slept all day. I am pretty sure she was feeling gassy or something. Runs in the family, right Aunt Lol?

Eva also got to meet Daddy's cousins N and S.

Despite her fussy day, she still slept really good last night. We are so lucky to have such a good sleeper. I kind of feel like it's too good to be true and I'm just waiting for the night that she wakes up and decides she doesn't like to sleep so much. I am still having a bit of trouble with nursing on one side because, you know, things are a bit tender. I took the day off yesterday to give my left side a break and only nursed her from the right side while pumping the left. It seemed to help a bit. Also, last night the Dude encouraged me to try nursing laying down, which we both loved. And then, we tried on the sore side and that seems to really help. Having her latch on from a different angle doesn't pull on the sore area, so it doesn't irritate it as much, which means it can continue to heal even with her nursing on it. Eva and I are grateful for a smarty pants daddy!!!
Nana C is here with us now until Friday to help out. Having help and support is so unbelievable. And now that I'm feeling a bit more like myself, we're hoping to tackle some projects that I've been wanting to get done. Up first - applesauce ... if the lady will fall asleep and let me put her down :)


Brooke said...

you're such an over acheiver - only a week after child birth and you're already tackling projects?? :P

Amy Silver said...

She is SO adorable! I'm glad she is sleeping so well for you and yes, it took me a bit to figure out how great nursing while laying down is too! It's especially nice at 2 AM, haha. I love the dress thing, how special for her :) aren't babies just the biggest blessing?!!!

Jessica said...

I love the first picture and all her pinkness! She's is such a beautiful baby! So happy you have a good sleeper!

Tricia said...

Ooh what a wonderful weekend! You both look gorgeous, btw!
Have a fun, and relaxing week, love.


Kristin said...

She is so sweet!

This Texas Momma said...

You did have a busy weekend! How sweet that Eva got to wear you dress to meet your grandmother. sniff may have made me a bit teary. ;) That's great that you have more help and support this week!

Brittany Ann said...

Boy, your poor baby girl is so neglected. No one wants to kiss her and love her and cuddle her at all, do they?;)

Emily said...

She is such a cutie! She did have a big weekend. Glad she has such a loving family!

Sara said...

Oh, I loved dressing Nina up in little dresses!
Eva is such a little doll!
How fun to show her off and introduce her to everyone.

Jackie said...

The four generations pic is so precious!

Keep the pictures of Baby Eva coming. I am so loving it.

And I agree with Brooke, you are SUCH the overachiever. ;) A week and half after the Peanut was born, it was an accomplishment to have taken a shower before my hubby got home from work. For reals.

Nana "K" said...

The pictures of her are adorable!!!!

SnoWhite said...

love the dresses -- how sweet that she got to wear your dress! My mom has a set of photos on our wall at home that have her, my sister and I all wearing the same dress at 18 months old -- it's such a fun heritage!! And... what a beautiful 4 generations photo.

I love seeing FD with Eva -- so special. Glad to hear he's taking well to his fatherly role ... especially with giving wise advice :)

Gina said...

You think you could have Eva call Gray and talk him into sleeping like her?

Lucky in Love said...

She is so gorgeous :) I just can't believe you have a little girl at home with you all day, everyday :) You look beautiful :)