Thursday, September 16, 2010

40 weeks ... or something

Before I start this week's update, I have a slight confession to make. I've been lying to you for the past 30 weeks or so. Somehow, somewhere along the line I started giving my weekly pregnancy updates on Thursdays, just like today.

But, um, I am not due today. I am due tomorrow. So, somehow, I got myself mixed up and was always one day ahead of schedule.

So, technically, I will not be 40 weeks until tomorrow but I thought I should stick to my Thursday updates so as to not get you all confused. Because, I know that would be confusing, right??

Anyway - here we are 40 weeks - minus one day :)

I am feeling good, albeit tired and very ready.

Since I first found out I was pregnant I predicted that the baby would be born on either September 14th or September 21st. Clearly, I was wrong about the 14th. So we shall see about the 21st! I would be happy to welcome the Monkey before the 21st, but if we have to wait until then, that's fine, too.

My midwife is confident that I am making some progress. She said the baby's head is "super, super low" (her words) and that my cervix is very short and thin. She said there is a little bit of dilation but assured me that I should not fixate on dilation at this point. She said many women walk around somewhere between a 1-4 for weeks without going into labor while others can be completely undilated and still have their baby's within a matter of hours. She said the baby's head lowering and the effacement are what really matter at this point, and both are looking good.

I cried in her office yesterday and the whole way home from my appointment. I'm not sure why. I expressed some of my concerns to her about fearing that I will be one of those women who never goes into labor on her own. She tried to reassure me that I likely will go into labor on my own and told me that she could tell by the way I walked up the stairs that I am going to go into labor. Um, what? I'm not entirely sure I understand the meaning of this statement, but hey, I'll trust her.

I am trying not to live my life constantly thinking "is today the day?" but, if you've ever had a baby, I'm sure you can understand that is nearly impossible. I do wake up every morning wondering if today is the day.

My body has been playing some tricks on me. I start getting crampy around 2-3 pm almost every day and it lasts until well into the evening but seems to settle down when I go to sleep. I asked my friend if she thought it would be a good idea for me to just stay awake forever so that it doesn't die down. She said no. I think I agree with her. I've also been battling the return of the morning sickness some days, so you know what that means, a few hours to a few weeks!

I am eager and ready but I know that Baby will come when Baby comes.

And, oh, for the record, the Little Monkey is a girl (I think).


Aunt Shelley said...

Dear dear Lucy...I remember that last doctor's appointment when he said go home and then meet me at the hospital...I cried and sang some of the words from this song on the way home(showing my age here)..."And she said
'Rocky, I've never had a baby before
Don't know if I can do it
But if you let me lean on you
Take my hand, I might get through it' (Through it)
I said, 'Baby, oh sweet baby
It's love that sets us free,
Your love is safe with me'

We're praying real hard here for you and FD!! Love you both!

Ashley said...

You are soooo close!! But hey, you forgot to post a 40-week picture... you will hafta do that tomorrow! Wishing you strength and patience during the remainder of your pregnancy and birth!! Good luck!!

Holly said...

The day I went into labor with E., I had a regularly scheduled home visit with my midwife. She came, she examined, and she left. An hour later we called her to come back and she was still in the area because, she said, she could tell when she saw me that she'd better not go far. So, I don't know how, but they know.
Plus, has there ever been a woman who hasn't gone into labor on her own? They're doctors may have gotten impatient, but before pitocin there wasn't really a choice, was there?

Holly said...

I meant "their doctors", not "they're doctors".

Louisiana Tara said...

She's right about the dilation. I walked around for 4 weeks 2 cm dilated and was 100% effaced by 37 weeks. I was afraid my daughter was going to drop right out!

I did go into labor naturally, and you WILL too! That body can't hold a toddler, LOL. Hopefully the next time we get an update from you it'll be "I'M IN LABOR!!" :)

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...

Going out on a walk with your hubby whenever you're getting cramping might help them to progress to full contractions, but I wouldn't stay up later hoping they'll progress. If you do go into labour in the middle of the night, chance are you won't be getting any more sleep after that, so you don't want to give up any chance at sleep at this point! She could come any time!

Katie said...

Weird, I wonder how she can tell by the way you walk up the stairs that you will go into labor? That would be interesting to know. Hope all goes well for the last part of your pregnancy and for your delivery :)

Tricia said...

Oh honey, you're going to do great! Holly is right. Now matter how it happens, you will have that baby (girl, yay!!) when it's time.
Now having said that, I should say that I was induced with all three of my girls. Sooooo...yeah.

Big, giant hugs, girl! You are going to be the best mom!


P.S. If you are up to it, I think now would be a fantastic time for the Dude to intervene induction wise. Ahem........ ;)(I know. That probably doesn't so appealing. Does it?)

Sarah said...

WOW!! So close! My blog was private when I was getting ready to go have Logan and so you should check out those posts. I went into labor at 12:01am one week after my due date and I had only had a finger tip dilation. So yes, you can be nothing and go to something quickly. Best advice I have for you is to walk walk walk!! Keep your body moving and when you're not, SLEEP and drink a ton of water. Don't wait to eat if you are hungry or go into early labor. You may be allowed to eat (some say not to) but you won't want to. Can't wait to hear the good news!!

Brittany Ann said...

A girl? You've convinced yourself it's a girl? Oh this is gonna be good!

Samantha said...

I know nothing of child birth. So I have no last minute advice to give you. However I am good at comedic relief. It's what I do.

So here goes...

I really really hope the baby comes soon and that your monkey isn't a baboon!

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, that was lame.

But seriously, I hope SHE comes soon! I can't wait for another twitter marathon.

This Texas Momma said...

Sorry you are still pregnant. :(

Amy Silver said...

Ohh I'm feeling for you! I KNOW how frustrating the last little bit is.. Just keep trying to distract yourself as much as possible. I won't say 'enjoy these last few days because you won't have them ever again' because I wanted to punch people when they said that, because I was READY!!! Ha. It will happen, and it will be perfect timing and a wonderful birth, I just know it!! Thinking of you! I agree with the person above, try walking when you have those contractions, it may help move things along.. But no matter what, it WILL happen :)

Elizabeth said...

You are officially more pregnant than I've ever been! Zander was my longest pregnancy at 39w1d. You win!!

Did you eat the chunky monkey ice cream yet?? THAT'S why you're still pregnant :oP

On a serious note, I can't wait for you to meet your little one!

Jessi said...

Yes Lucy I feel the same exact way! I am now one day over my due date and I feel like he is going to never come out! Saying prayers for both of us!

d.a.r. said...

Gosh you look SOOOOO good!!

Anonymous said...

I hope today will be your day! Good luck and enjoy it.
Both my girls came several weeks early so I never really had the "is today the day" waiting game. But I kind of wish that I would have!