Thursday, September 2, 2010

38 Weeks

Today is 38 weeks. I don't have a lot to update but things are going well. I just had a midwife appointment this morning. Looks like I've lost a few pounds but that is likely just due to fluctuations with swelling in the humidity. I haven't gained any more cm's because baby is definitely starting to drop. She said that the head is very well engaged which explains why it feels like there is a head in my crotch all the time - because there is.

Over the past month or so, my intuition has flipped entirely from thinking that this baby is definitely a boy to this baby is definitely a girl. A number of people close to me also are pretty sure it is a girl. I think I will be surprised if we get a boy Monkey. The Fabulous Dude still says he has no inkling either way. We shall see soon enough!

Sleeping has gotten so much better over the past week. I have even reduced my throne of pillows from like 75 to 3. Two for my head and one tucked under my tummy. I still sometimes prop my feet up on a few if they are feeling really sore or swollen (like after a night of canning 26 jars of salsa) but for the most part, the one under my tummy does the trick.

I am starting to wonder how many more of these weekly updates I will be writing. One more... ?Two more... ? Three more... ? Four more... ?

(Please, please, please not three or four more, mkay, kiddo?)


Jackie said...

You are so good....I don't think I could ever hold out on not finding out! I would have given in a LONG time ago. It will be soon--s/he could surprise you and show up early. You never know. Peanut was 11 days early and that was SO not on my radar--I thought she would be late! :) Hang in there!

Lucky in Love said...

Question: Have you also stopped stealing pillows?

I cannot wait to find out what you're having!!!!!!!

A New England Girl said...

I am still SO happy that everything is going so well for you. I love these weekly updates, but... like everyone else... I am anxious to hear what you're having! C'mon, baby... we want to know! :)

Elizabeth said...

You know... eating a pint of chunky monkey ice cream threw me into labor with Zander. And if the ice cream ISN'T the key and it DOESN'T actually induce labor, it's a super yummy experiment ;o)

Shaina said...

Wow ... 38 weeks. Every week I cannot believe you are that far along. This week is no exception! I cannot wait to meet your baby ... and naturally, I can't wait for your baby to meet his or her Auntie Shaina!!!! <3

This Texas Momma said...

Now you're thinking girl! If the anticipation is killing us, I can't imagine how you are feeling! Keep bouncin', girl, and that baby will be here soon. I can feel it!