Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dear Baby at 34 Weeks

Dear Baby,

We are now at 34 weeks! We just have 6 short weeks to go until we'll welcome you into our family (that is if you decide to come on time!) As always, I cannot wait to see your precious face. You now weigh somewhere around 5 pounds and have made Mommy's tummy increase 14 inches around! We gained a lot of weight since our last appointment but that's okay - I know that you're healthy! Mommy hasn't been exercising as much as usual because of the heat so I'm hoping for a little break so I can get out for some good walks soon.

Baby, we've had a bit of a rough week. Mama has a sinus cold which has made things a little uncomfortable. Having a cold in the heat is the pits, especially when you're 34 weeks pregnant! Also, I had another little bout of morning sickness the other day which surprised me so much that it resulted in me throwing up on the kitchen floor. Hopefully that is the end of that!

You've started to get the hiccups every so often. The first time I noticed them was at church last Sunday morning. You had them for 10 minutes straight! Daddy and I were trying not to giggle as we felt and saw your little hiccups making my tummy bounce up and down. Speaking of giggling - I couldn't help but giggle the other day when you were playing with Daddy while we were laying in bed. I'm not sure if it was your hand, foot, elbow, knee or what ... but some part of you kept sticking out the side of my tummy. Daddy would poke and rub you and you would poke right back. You went back and forth like this for quite a while. Pretty soon I will get to see you and Daddy play together outside of my tummy. Do you even know how excited I am for that?

Your room is almost all set up ... we just have to arrange the last few pieces of furniture and get a few more things but soon enough it will be ready and waiting for you. Daddy has been working so hard!

You have been up in my ribs all the time and have been making me have some crazy cravings! The fish and chips craving seems to have toned down (thank goodness) but this past weekend I forced Nana C to make me lasagna (and ate way.too.much) and then I had a dream about butter tarts which made me have to go buy and eat four in one day! Hm, so maybe that's why I gained so much weight since my last appointment?

I went to see the midwife yesterday and she's a little bit concerned that you are not positioned the way you should be! She is sending me for an ultrasound on Monday to check it out. While I'm excited to get to see you on the ultrasound again, I am not very excited about the possibility of you being breech. She said it is very hard to tell because you are tight and compact in there and you positioned very deep inside my tummy but she thinks it's best to double check - and I agree. So, please baby, please, please, please, prove her wrong or else turn by then!

I hope you're feeling cozy in there. Let's enjoy these last few weeks before you make your way into my arms.

I love you, Sweet Babe,



Jackie said...

Hang it there...he/she could turn around at any time! Little Peanut and it was just fine. :) I know still, it is worry some.

Shaina said...

Awwwww yay! Seriously cannot believe there are only around 6 weeks to go ... wow. I am SERIOUSLY excited to come up to Canada again and visit when Baby G or E is outside of your belly!!!

Tecia said...

We are the exact same months and they told me that my little one was breech a few weeks ago. I go back to the doctor at 36 weeks and I am hoping and praying that my little girl has turned also. I will keep you in my prayers, Keep us posted

SnoWhite said...

praying for you, my friend, about the baby's position and you feeling better!

6 weeks... it's going to fly by!

Carey said...

LOVE THIS! It makes me want to be pregnant again :) I can remember Caleb getting the hiccups -- most of the time it was when I was trying to go to sleep LOL. These last few weeks are going to fly for you. Please believe me (and everyone else) when I say ENJOY these last moments without baby. Because once that little being makes their way into the world, it is all about them. And there wouldn't be any other way! :) Soo excited for you!!