Thursday, August 26, 2010

37 Weeks

Today marks 37 weeks. I had my appointment yesterday and we went over all of the procedures for paging when I go into labor. Crazy to think that I could go into labor at any time now. Although, I'm pretty sure I won't. I am almost convinced I will still be pregnant at Christmas or at least until Canadian Thanksgiving :)

This week, I found out that I test positive for GBS so I will require antibiotics through IV during labour. The midwife assures me it's no big deal and that the IV can be administered in about 10 minutes and then I will be able to remove it and have freedom to roam/change positions etc.

My belly is still measuring just right on at 37 cm and I have gained a total of 33 pounds at this point. Things are looking right on track. My BP is still good and the baby's heartbeat was right on 150 yesterday. She didn't do an internal exam (which I am quite happy about - I don't want to have false hopes if there is any progress because I know that it's possible to sit tight at 1-3 cm for weeks) but she could tell by external palpation that the baby's head is definitely still engaged and is a little lower than it was before. At least I know that he/she is making some kind of plan to come out. She also showed me how the baby is laying in my tummy which is exactly how I had guessed based on the movements I have been feeling.

I have been feeling a lot of pressure down low lately. At times, it literally feels like the baby is trying to claw its way out. When I talked to my midwife about this, her response was "You think it's bad now? Just wait". Ha, thanks.

She told me to go ahead and start experimenting with all of the, ahem, natural induction methods, that are out there. Without going into further detail, let's just say that the Fabulous Dude considers her his best friend after the advice she gave me yesterday.

I have discovered that I have a habit of sleeping with my hands folded up under my pillow at night. I have discovered this because the pain I was feeling in my feet through the night is gone, but the achiness in my hands is getting worse and worse. Obviously, sleeping with them squished under my head is no good for circulation, but try as I might, I cannot stop sleeping like this. I try so hard to keep them elevated on top of my pillow or stretched out to the side, but it never fails, I wake up with them under my pillow, feeling so sore and hardly able to open and close. The Dude said he's going to tie my hands up towards the ceiling at night :)

Other than that, sleep has been okay. I'm definitely awake anywhere from 2-5 times a night to use the lady's room but other than that, I feel comfortable and rested for the most part. I generally fall right back to sleep after going to the bathroom, and have only had a few nights where I've been laying awake for a long time.

I am starting to feel time slowwww downnnn. The days and weeks seem to be getting longer and I am having trouble thinking of ways to fill my time. Soon I will no longer have this problem, I know, but right now, 22 days seems like an eternity.


Holly said...

Does it feel like you have a bowling ball between your legs yet?

Meg said... hubby would probably feel the same way. ;)

Praying for you as time gets closer.

Susan said...

I hope your labor and delivery go swiftly and safely. Good Luck!

Nicole said...

150 bpm huh? GIRL, GIRL, GIRL!!!!

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...

I was worried for weeks that I would go into labour early and had a 'feeling' that she would be born the weekend of her due date.

And a week AFTER that she was born. lol.
Other than the scare you had at the beginning, you've had it pretty easy in terms of the pregnancy being low risk and uneventful, so chances are good you'll probably go overdue. :( That could mean 5 more weeks. lol. It's too bad they don't just come at exactly 40 weeks. It would make planning our lives so much easier!

Have you found it difficult walking/sitting down yet? I had so many people tell me that it got difficult as the baby started dropping, but I never experienced anything like that.

Laura said...

I can't believe you're already full term! So exciting! Great that the little one is still head down and getting lower. Its crazy to think that you could literally give birth to a healthy baby today or tomorrow...or in 3-4 weeks. Such a big time span when you think about it.

Are you having any thoughts on whether its a boy or a girl? I've been thinking its a boy the whole time, but for some reason more recently I've been thinking you're having a girl. What was your first instinct?

PS - Good luck with the "natural induction methods"!! Haha.

Lucky in Love said...

I just cannot believe you are about to give birth to a real, live baby. And you get to keep it and have it live with you and love on it every single day :)

By the way...the image of your baby trying to crawl it's way out of you is kind of freaking me out.

Jessica said...

Hey Lucy! I've been out of the loop lately and haven't been commenting but just wanted to say hello again. My thoughts and prayers are with you in the next few weeks (and beyond LOL).

Amy Silver said...

I agree with ya on the not doing the exam.. it CERTAINLY gives you false hope, and can really make you disappointed! Ohhh yea, just wait, well, it may not happen for you, if it hasn't yet, but the past like 3 days have been absolutely miserable for me!!! I can barely sit or stand without pain and you can forget about riding in the car! I cannot imagine the next three weeks like this! Hopefully you will stay pretty relaxed, glad I have someone to share most of the exact same feelings and symptoms!

Abbie said...

Good luck with this last few weeks. Try to enjoy this time even though most of it will be spent dreaming/wishing/praying for it to be over!
So great that you are still able to sleep really well. My body gave that up at about 35 weeks for both my girls. I learned to live on a few short hours each night, it sucked!

Kyle said...

Yay for awesome doctor visits!

Shaina said...

Do we not get a 37 week photo???


Brittany Ann said...

You are so close. And I am so excited for you.

Also, I totally sleep like that, too. Since I was a baby, I remember tucking my hands in like that.

Gina said...

I hope you have as much fun delivering your baby as I did last night. :)

Tricia said...

Ah, the new best friend advice. I'm kinda surprised you've had time to post. Men take that kind of advice very seriously. tee hee. That was so bad!