Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Review and June Plans

Here's what went down in May...

1. Send thesis to external examiner. Set defense date. Prepare and practice for defense presentation.

Done, done, and done. Well the last one is currently still in progress.

2. Plant the rest of the garden.

Garden is planted and growing. Check out this year's first two updates here and here.

3. Host a wedding shower.


4. Watch the SERIES FINALE of LOST!

Um, yeah!

5. Decide if/when/where we are going take prenatal classes.

Prenatal classes are booked and we will be starting them tomorrow. More to come about this soon.

6. Attend a good friend's wedding.

Done. Apparently I didn't blog about this. Let's just say, the Dude was "that guy" at the wedding. You know the guy that no body at the wedding knows (he had only met the bride twice before the wedding) who makes a fool of himself on the dance floor and has a dance off showdown with the Bride's 90 year old grandma - yup, that's my hubby.

7. Attend a friend's personal shower.


8. Exercise at least 3 times per week.

I'm still doing yoga once a week and walking on a (mostly) daily basis. The yoga class will be done in a few weeks so I need to decide if I'm going to take another class to carry me through the third tri or if I'm going to try something else. Thoughts?

What's planned for June?

1. Defend (and hopefully pass) thesis.

2. Complete all final touch ups, revisions, and paperwork for school. Apply to graduate! Woo hoo (although I don't actually get to attend my graduation ceremony, boo hoo).

3. Complete childbirth classes.

4. Welcome a new member to our extended family (any day now, Kris).

5. Travel north for the annual Vine family reunion.

6. Begin "pre-baby" projects - coming soon!

7. Stand up in Caley's wedding!! Whoo hoo!

8. Finish current Beth Moore bible study.


Brooke said...

and a big woot! for go providing a seamstress to aid in your defense. :)

...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Haha, i love the showdown with 90 year old grandma, that must have been a hoot! :)

SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

yea for a good month of May! Praying for a productive month of June for you too!

Gwen said...

What a busy May you had. Still sad about LOST. :( Hope you have a fabulous June and get those birthing classes under your belt with ease!!! XOXO

Annie said...

you always have lots going on girly.
ha, no wonder we didn't hear about the wedding ;)
i hope the birthing classes go well hun! :)
have a great week!!

Gina said...

Are you taking Bradley classes? If I could afford them, I totally would! Pass along any good info to me!

Shaina said...

Like every month ... you exhaust me.

Kristin said...

June goal #4, completed in May :-)

Risley said...

lol! I just made my list of things to do over the next 3 months before baby comes!!
great minds think a like!!

This Texas Momma said...

Once again, you schooled me in being productive and setting goals. ;)