Monday, May 31, 2010

What Weekends Were Made For

This weekend, I rediscovered what weekends are made for.

Rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

On Friday night, the FD and I puttered around the house, doing some gardening and some work in the man cave (well - I didn't really venture into working in the man cave, but you know what I mean). We finished the night off enjoying our first batch of homemade ice cream on the back deck with our landlords.

On Saturday, the dude was going to help my bro and SIL move so I got up before he left to make cinnamon buns with cream cheese frosting for breakfast, ate one with him and then crawled back into bed for an hour or so.

When I got up, I puttered around the house and did some cleaning (okay - I know that doesn't really fit in with the R&R&R theme, but when you have the house to yourself and a Saturday with no concrete plans, cleaning can actually seem restful). I made myself a good lunch and while I was eating, got a call from my lady C-Biscuit to make plans for the afternoon. She headed over, we went for a big long (sweaty) walk and then wandered over to her in-laws place where we got more exercise floated around in the pool on giant inflatable lounge chairs for two hours.

When the dude got back to town he swung by to pick me up, jumped in for a quick swim and we headed home to finish the house cleaning. He did some more "work" in the man cave (I say "work" because I'm never really sure what he does in there - the man cave deserves a post of it's own) until C -Biscuit and Bigg Burd came over for a campfire where we chatted the night away.

Our Sunday was spent fellowshiping with our church family, followed by a homemade pizza lunch. While I cleaned that up, the dude went out to wash and wax my car and I joined him and vacuumed and cleaned the interior of the car.

Then, we headed over to my aunt and uncles to spend another afternoon by the pool. Seriously, I could spend my whole summer doing that. The dude out lasted most of the kids in the pool, playing the colour game, marco polo, and some diving board high jumping while I sat on the side and visited with my Aunt Shelley.

We came home, had a snack and the dude is now taking a nap while I catch up on some things on the computer (including writing this post which will be scheduled Monday morning). Tonight will consist of leftovers for supper and a long walk once it cools down a bit.

Having a relaxing, yet still productive weekend like this really helps me enter the week feeling refreshed, focused and ready to go!


Brooke said...

sounds like a great weekend. we're waiting for a man cave post - only if you're brave enough to go in and take pictures!

SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

oh, how lovely to have pools so close to you! I always dreamed of having a pool... but that never flew in our family. But I do love a good swim -- er, I mean float ;)

Brittany Ann said...

I'm the same way: With a free, alone day, I love to clean. So relaxing.

Then I'd read.

Oh, I want one of those!

Glad you had some time to relax!

Emily said...

Awesome weekend!!!

Looking at those cinnamon rolls has my mouth watering!!!

Miss Anne said...

sounds like an amazing weekend.
i finally slowed down, slept in, did some crafting (That i've been dying to do), got chores done, hung out with friends, and just layed low.

it felt so good!

glad you had a great time too!

Jessica said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Your ice cream from the prev post looks really YUMMY!

Lucky in Love said...

Your weekend sounds amazing...and those cinnamon rolls are calling my name :)