Sunday, May 9, 2010

Reflections on Mother's Day

In the past, I've never really given Mother's Day a lot of thought. Sure, I've always given my mom a card, maybe a little gift, and wished her a Happy Mother's Day, but I never really took any time to think about what this day may signify for certain people. This year, I have found myself somewhat caught up and self-absorbed in the excitement of this being my "first" Mother's Day. Thankfully, earlier this week, through a number of different vessels, God convicted me of this selfish attitude and I found myself reflecting and thinking of people who are in different situations than I this year.

So, while today I will celebrate my mother, my mother in law, my grandmothers, and many other mothers in my life ... I am also taking time to pray for those who come face to face with Mother's Day with feelings of pain, loss, apprehension, and fear.


I pray for the woman who is wondering when it will be her turn.
I pray for the woman who fears it will never be her turn.
I pray for the woman who wonders if she'll ever see two pink lines.
I pray for the woman who has been told that she may never see two pink lines.
I pray for the woman who is desperately waiting for the person who will someday make her a mother to come into her life.
I pray for the woman who is waiting for her baby to come home to her.
I pray for the woman who feels the pain of disappointment when an unwelcome monthly visitor arrives once again.
I pray for the women who is made to feel a sense of guilt and failure at not being able to give her husband a child.
I pray for the woman who feels the pain at having lost her baby due to miscarriage, disease, or accident.
I pray for the woman who wonders how she will feed and provide for her baby today.
I pray for the child who feels left out at school when the kids make mother's day crafts because he has no one to give his to.
Today I pray for all those who wake up on Mother's Day and feel a sting of pain, loss, and fear.


Melissa said...

Wow. Thank you so much for this unselfish prayer to so many women today. I identify myself in your prayer and have been brought to tears by this post. I am so happy for you on your first Mother's Day - you are going to be a wonderful mother and have already been setting wonderful examples for those of us who hope to be mothers someday.

Love, Melissa

SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

Beautiful prayer, my friend.

I'll pray it too today; and also wish you a happy *first* Mother's Day!

Jackie said...

So heartfelt...

Hope you enjoy your first Mother's Day. :)

Brittany Ann said...

THank you so much my friend;) Thank you!

Brittany Ann said...

And Happy Mother's Day!

Brooke said...

happy first mother's day to you. our pastor this morning had all the mothers stand, then asked the expectant mothers to join them (and even though we're only a church of 200 there are a lot of those!), then asked those women who are praying to become mothers to stand...a day like today must be hard for them.

Vee said...

Mother's Day can be painful for so many people, thank you for honoring those people. We love and cherish them too!

Jenny.Lee said...

This is a beautiful post Lucy.

Lucky in Love said...

This is wonderful :) I feel the same way.

And I hope you had a fabulous 1st Mother's Day!! :)