Monday, May 3, 2010

April Goal Review and May Goals

It's hard to believe it's that time again ... I think I say that every month ... but here we are, at the beginning of a new month.

April Goal Review

1. School goals: Tidy up thesis based on advisor's feedback, send first draft to committee. Begin planning and preparing for defense. Mark final presentation, final checkpoint, and major assignment. Complete all TAing duties.

Done,done, and done!
All of my TAing duties are officially done. My thesis has been approved by my advisor and all committee members. My edits are done and my final draft is ready to go. I am in the process of securing an external examiner and setting a date for defense.

2. Faith Goals: Begin a new Beth Moore bible study with women at church. Continue keeping up with the text project.

I have had the opportunity to complete the first few weeks of the "Beloved Disciple" series with Beth Moore. I have been so encouraged and uplifted by spending two hours a week with some of the most wise, God fearing women I have ever met. It is wonderful! I have almost completed 1 Corinthians with the text project and will be moving on to the book of Mark soon.

3. Fitness Goals: Begin a yoga class. I am really pumped about this one! Continue briskly walking at least 3 times per week.

I am loving my yoga class. The instructor is fabulous and although it's not specifically a prenatal class, she just recently had a baby of her own so she helps me to modify some of the poses if necessary to accommodate my changing body. I have been walking almost every day.

4. Plan/attend three wedding/baby showers for friends.

Done, done (didn't blog about the shower for Jacob and Becky), and done!

5. Get the garden worked, potentially start planting some things depending on the weather. *This is definitely more of a FD goal ... I serve as more of a supervisory role in terms of the garden. At least until it's time to harvest. Then I get in there like crazy.

The garden is worked. Potatoes are in and strawberries are in! The rest will be planted throughout the month of May. I will start taking some garden pictures and tracking our progress this month.

6. Do some spring cleaning: wash windows (which isn't hard since our basement apartment only has one patio door for a window), scrub all floors thoroughly, organize FD's closet, start purging in the spare room (i.e. baby's room).

I did do some major spring cleaning in preparation for the shower I hosted here, but I didn't do much in the baby's room. After my defense is done, that will be my task. But, windows, doors, baseboards, walls, ceilings etc., were all washed and cleaned!

7. See our little one at our 20 week ultrasound!

You betcha!

8. Celebrate Easter with my family.

We had a great weekend with my family. You can read about it here.

Goals for May:

1. Send thesis to external examiner. Set defense date. Prepare and practice for defense presentation.

2. Plant the rest of the garden.

3. Host a wedding shower.

4. Watch the SERIES FINALE of LOST!

5. Decide if/when/where we are going take prenatal classes.

6. Attend a good friend's wedding.

7. Attend a friend's personal shower.

8. Exercise at least 3 times per week.


Brooke said...

as usual you're killin it on your goals! :)

Katie said...

way to set and KEEP goals! i don't even set them anymore because i NEVER keep them :) um, but there is one i will FOR SURE be achieving right along with you and that's watching the series finale of LOST!!! EEEKKK i'm so excited!!!

SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

I'm so happy LOST is on your list :)

Lucky in Love said...

Can you believe Lost is almost over? It kind of makes my heart hurt to think about it...but I can't wait to see what happens!

And I can't believe after reading all of those important things you talked about...I commented on Lost.