Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Letter From Your Mama

I wrote this letter what seems like a long, long time ago, way back in January, a few days after I found out I was pregnant. I couldn't post it then, because it was our little secret, and then I forgot about it until now. I just found it when organizing some files on my computer because we're getting ready to get a new laptop and I decided to post it so that I have it here to remember and to keep with all of the other posts that I will hopefully someday print out and put into a book for the baby.

January 12, 2010

Dear Baby,

You sure surprised me the other day when I found out that you were on your way – making a home for yourself inside of me. Daddy was surprised, too. I am sure this isn’t the only time in your life that you will surprise us. Being surprised isn’t a bad thing. I have found, especially over the past few years, that some of the very best things happen to me when I just stop planning! I have felt every emotion that exists over the past couple of days. I cannot stop thinking about you.

I can’t wait until the day that I can feel you moving inside me. I am so excited to watch you grow. Even more so, I can’t wait until the day that I get to hold you in my arms. I can’t wait to see Daddy’s face when he looks at you, holds you, and kisses you for the first time.

Baby, your Daddy and I were both blessed when we were little because we had wonderful families to teach us, to love us, and help us grow. I can’t wait for you to meet your Nanas and your Papas, your Aunties and Uncles, and your cousins. Your family loves you already, and most of them don’t even know about you yet.

I may not always be able to give you everything you want, sweet baby, but I promise to try to always give you what you need. Sometimes you might think that I am being mean or unfair, but I hope you will always know that I love you.

Baby, I have prayed for you for a long, long time. I don’t know what you will look like, what your name will be, or what kind of personality you will have, but I do know that I love you and I have been waiting for you. Daddy has been, too. Your Daddy and I have always looked forward to the day that we would learn you were going to be a part of our family. Even before your Daddy and I were in love, we both knew we wanted to have babies. In many ways, those desires are what brought us close together in the first place.

Baby, I want you to know Jesus and His love every single day of your life. I want to talk to you about Him, to read to you about Him, to sing to you about Him, to teach you about Him, and to pray to Him with you. I have a feeling you will have a thing or two to teach me about Him, too.

Even though I can’t see you, or even feel you, yet, I know that you are a part of me. I know that God is knitting you together inside me, preparing you for the day you will enter the world. You have already become a part of my world.

I am so thankful that God has chosen me to be your Mommy. I will hold onto you forever.

I love you more than you can know,



Miss Anne said...

This is so lovely. It gave me chills. It made my ♥ smile.

Isn't it beyond wonderful to know there's a little person growing inside?

:) Everyday I am thankful for this blessing and honor.

Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts with me/us.

Lucky in Love said...

Just so you know, I know no other person in my whole world who would be a better mother than you. You ARE going to give your baby everything he or she needs. Your little one will be so blessed to have your as their mom....just as I am blessed to have you as my friend :)

Love you!

Jessica said...

Very beautiful!!

d.a.r. said...

You are going to be such an amazing mother.

Kayla said...

This gave me goosebumps! Thanks for sharing something like this with us. I know you'll be glad you saved it years down the road! :-) That little one is sure lucky to have you as his/her mama!

Jackie said...

what a sweet, hearfelt note!

Elizabeth said...


When I turned 18, my dad gave me his letters. When he was away in the military during my first year, he wrote to me and I wasn't allowed to open them until I was old enough to understand them.

Made me cry like a baby, I'll tell you that! :o)

You are going to be a terrific mom. I don't even know you IRL and I can see it.

Jenn said...

you are going to be such a fabulous mother & like many others - this actually gave me chills. your child will read this letter someday & be overwhelmed with love.

Katie said...

precious precious PRECIOUS! love this letter!!! :)

Llama said...

That was incredibly amazing. You are going to be a wonderful mother. I think that your child will cherish that for their entire life!

SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

how special! Thanks for sharing this with us... you both and the babe are very blessed!

Hillary (First Yr Wife) said...

That's a beautiful letter. :) Your baby is going to be so lucky to have you as his/her momma!

Tricia said...

Tears are streaming. You are gonna be such fantastic parents.
There could be no better letter to start your baby book, and no better way to start this phase of your life.

Thank you for sharing, L.

This Texas Momma said...

*tear* This is so sweet, and will be cherished one day. :)

Jackie said...

Beautiful. Just stop now...you're making me cry. :)

Gwen said...

So sweet!!! I did the same thing for Ellie. She hasn't gotten to read all of my letters to her yet but one day she will.

You will be a fabulous mom and I can't wait to see your little baby either!!! XOXO

Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...

So, so sweet. Love this!!!

Brittany Ann said...

I am crying.

What a beautiful letter. What a beautiful, beautiful letter. I just love it. So perfect!

You're going to be a great momma.

Shaina said...

This definitely started my waterworks! Sweetie, you will be the best mom ever. And obviously I'm not the only one who feels this way! <3 you!