Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Little Plum - Twelve Weeks

How far along?
12 weeks ... a sweet little plum.

Total weight gain: Not too sure - I have definitely gained back some that I lost in the first few weeks but I don't think I'm quite back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Maternity clothes? Not yet, I still have two pairs of my regular jeans that fit and my tops are fine. I did buy two pairs of maternity jeans that I found on sale.

Sleep: Can't get enough of it! I've been hitting the sack between 8-9 pm and sleeping until 7-8 in the morning. Most nights, I wake to pee at some point. And I have been having the wildest, craziest dreams! My dreams are normally quite bizarre and pregnancy seems to be amplifying that.

Best moment this week: Having a 4.5 day stretch with no throwing up. It was a welcome reprieve!

Movement: Not yet.

Gender: The Chinese gender chart tells me a boy. So does my mother's intuition. And Jenn, of course. But ... we won't be finding out until his/her birth day!

Labor Signs: I would hope not.

Belly Button in or out? In ... hopefully for a long time yet.

What I miss: Nothing really.

Weekly Wisdom: Be thankful for every throw up. Two separate women have both given me this advice. Both of these women are women who I admire and have looked up to for many years. Both of them had difficulty getting pregnant. Both of them had fairly difficult pregnancies, in terms of being sick. Both of them have reminded me, despite the discomfort, to rejoice every day in the reason that I am sick. And I am. If I have given the impression that I am complaining about being sick; I apologize for that. I know many women have it much, much worse than I do. Although it is not comfortable, it is a small, small price to pay. I know that there are many women in the world who would give anything to feel the discomforts of pregnancy if it meant that they could carry a child - and my heart aches for those women. And so, I will give thanks with each throw up for the blessing of this pregnancy.

Milestones: Hitting the 12 week mark - almost through the first trimester!


Jorden and Kristin said...

I hope you get a few more 4 day stretches in there :) I'm so excited you're not going to find out!We're not going to find out with any of the rest, if we would have been better off now and it not have been the huge shock that it was we wouldn't have found out1 haha I just needed to feel like I could control SOMETHING with this pregnancy!

Enjoy every moment, even the gross ones! Those ladies are right!

Shaina said...

I can't believe we're already at 12 weeks!! And yes, I said "we" because we're all going through your pregnancy together, right??? ;)

Elizabeth said...

Wait. Wait. Wait. I've been working 2 jobs and a quilt for awhile now and really overwhelmed and unable to keep up... You're PREGNANT??? YAAAAY!!!! So happy!!!!!!!! :o)

I'll send you one of mine for practice!

Holly said...

Shortly after my last pregnancy, they started making the maternity pants to go under the belly, instead of over like it always had been. I'm curious, was that just a fad that went with the trend of belly-baring, or are they still like that?

Brooke said...

i've known some women that start wearing maternity clothes at the 4 week stage! :P

and woot! for almost 5 days with no sickness.

This Texas Momma said...

I bet those stretches are about to turn permenant! Counting down the weeks with you until you can feel a flutter!

Gina said...

You aren't finding out?!? Oh my goodness, you are a stronger woman than me!

Jenn said...

i think you can complain about throwing up if you want - it sucks. period. but no one thinks you're not thankful to be pregnant. i remember that first email!! :)

Jackie said...

Blessings to you...glad to hear the morning sickness is subsiding. :)

Katie said...

omgoodness you're going to wait to find out! that will be SO fun, but heaven knows i couldn't do it! :)

happy thursday!!!

Meg said...

Ah, I love reading about the progression of pregnancies on blogs.

So excited for you both!

Brittany Ann said...

Yay for surviving the first trimester! I think it has be to be the toughest!

Taryn said...

Yeah you!

You are going to wait to find out? Dang girl- you are brave. I couldn't do that. I don't think . . .

Tricia said...

Every moment is a precious blessing, but the puking is awful! Love these updates. I know I say that everytime, but it will be so fun to look back on these when you forget later on. ;)

I didn't find out for any of my 3. It is fun to make it a surprise.
Hugs girlie.


SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

praise God that you are feeling better! And, for your awesome attitude and perspective.

Risley said...

I love reading your updates!