Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday's Bullet List

Here are some random tidbits that I want to share with you on this fine, sunny Friday morning...
  • Pregnancy hormones and country music do not mix. On my way to school the other day, Alan Jackson's song "Remember When" came on the radio. Now, let me admit, this song can get to me at the best of times. But, folks, I was a blubbering fool! When he sang the line "Remember when old ones died and new were born, And life was changed, disassembled, rearranged" I nearly had to pull over! Seriously folks, not cool.
  • We have absolutely no plans for this weekend. This, my friends, is perfection and something that has not happened in a long, long time.
  • To answer a few of your questions about the laundry detergent post - I haven't really had any major stains to deal with since I started using it, so I cannot really speak to how well it would do. As Taryn mentioned in her reply in the comment section, she still pre-treats stains, just as she would with regular detergent. Washing soda is not hard to find. It should be available in the cleaning section at any store. I shred the soap with a fine cheese grater. I will definitely be investing in a cheese grater that is for this purpose and this purpose alone. It is kind of hard to get the soap residue off the grater. I do not like soap flavored cheese.
  • I haven't been able to get into Idol this season. I think because the contestants are, um, not so good. But, I did tune in for the last 15 minutes last night just to see who was getting sent home. Am I the only one who felt super super bad for Haeley during her goodbye song? Seriously ... "The Climb" ... could there be a worse song to have to sing right after you got kicked off of American Idol? I think contestants should avoid those types of songs just for the sheer fact of how hideous it will be if they get kicked off and have to sing it. Evan was laughing at her while I was nearly in tears and wanted to wrap her up in my arms and tell her it would be okay.
  • Remember in my post yesterday how I told you I have been having some crazy dreams? They just don't stop. Last night I dreamed that I was in my high school auditorium with MckMama's husband during a piano recital. MckMama was playing a song she wrote for her unborn baby and when she was done they announced that I would now be playing a song I composed for my unborn baby. Please note: I have not played the piano in over a decade. MckMama's hubby had to help me waddle onto the stage (because I was very pregnant and also very nervous), where I sat at the piano and played the 'song I had composed', which sounded to me an awful lot like Hot Cross Buns. Then, I got up from the piano, gave birth to my baby on the stage, stood up, took a bow and walked off the stage??? This is the second dream I have had about giving birth in a very strange location. However, neither of these dreams were quite as whacked up as the one where my baby became an alien inside of me and transferred some unknown disease to me causing me to be quarantined to solitary confinement lest I pass the disease to other pregnant women. I'm wondering what it is about pregnancy that makes my dreams so crazy. Or, does it have anything to do with pregnancy at all? Does anyone remember the hippos flying on celery dream?
The weather is beautiful here. I hope it's beautiful where you are also. I am planning on getting outside for a big walk later today and tomorrow and Sunday as well! My fingers are crossed that spring has really sprung! Happy Friday my sweet friends!


Jorden and Kristin said...

Tell me about those hormones! It totally took me by surprise the first few times I was just bawling for no real reason! haha I think it gets better though, or you just figure out how to manage it a little better!

Our weather is awesome here too! I can't wait for it to actually warm up though!!

Lisa said...

How is it even possible that it is spring in the tundra (aka Canada) before it is spring in Chicago? :) Not fair!

I watch Idol for a pool I'm in, but I agree - the contestants just aren't that good. I''m still upset that Haeley didn't at least choose Party in the U.S.A., which is the only song of Miley's I can get behind, and even then I force myself to forget who's singing.

I hope you have a great weekend. Weekends of nothing are my absolute favorite!

Katie said...

OH EM GEE. you could right a book about your dreams! i am cracking UP!

have a marvelous day chickadee, and a GREAT weekend of doing NOTHING! we have one of those too! :)

Katie said...
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Katie said...

ps - i did NOT mean to spell write, "right" ...

let me correct, you could WRITE a book about your dreams. pet peeve when the wrong version of words are substituted, and I'M the one that did it! :)

happy friday!!!

Tricia said...

Oh the things that pregnancy does to us! ;)

The dreams are normal (relatively speaking). Happens to every pregnant woman that I have ever known. I dreamt that a girl that I used to know was diagnosed with and died of some horrible (don't remember what) disease in my 1st trimester with Karlee. I was so concerned that I called my old youth pastor to express my (probably unwarranted) fears.
She assured me that everything was fine. She then asked me if I was pregnant (we hadn't told anyone), because it sounded like a crazy pregnancy dream. Oh. Well then. I guess it was. ;)

I say roll with it. Although giving birth on stage at a piano hall doesn't really sound like a very comforting thought.

Happy uneventful weekend!

Brooke said...

country music is bad for my tear ducts all the time - i can't even imagine adding hormones to the mix!

Kayla said...

haha! I love it! Especially the part about the dreams and I sooooo remember the hippo's flying on celery! Hilarious!

I too cannot get into Idol and felt awful for Haley!

AND I am so loving this weather! It's suppose to be 40 here today and then around 41-42ish all weekend! It's amazing how super excited I am for this weather even though it's still really chilly! haha

Have a great free weekend!! :-)

Annie said...

oh my gosh, your dreams are way too funny!!
i agree with you on idol as well, the peeps are just not that great this season. their opening number last night was not good at all, they sounded like a middle school chior group.
have a great day and do some relaxing for me over the weekend!! ;) how nice not to have any plans!

Meg said...

Your dreams can get really crazy, girl! ;) Enjoy the sunshine - it's playing peek-a-boo with us here, but I'm hopeful it will come out later in the day. Have a wonderful, non-eventful weekend!

Gina said...

I always have crazy dreams, and they get even crazier when I am pregnant...but that one about the MckMama piano recital tops them all. I have had a dream about MckMama before too! :)

SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

too funny, my friend! I'm glad you're getting sunny weather today too :)

Vee said...

For some reason, I started laughing out loud when I read 'it sounded an awful lot like hot cross buns'!! LOL You must be some piano player! =]

Those are some crazy dreams. Maybe they're just for the sake of entertaining us all.

Jackie said...

I am afraid to tell you, the hormones and country music not mixing only gets worse. :) And it doesn't help that they are all stories being told about kids growing up or husbands and wives or dads and daughters/sons. Seriously...! Yes, I was just like you. When I was five months along I was already worrying about her going off to college....but I guess once that worrying starts it never stops, huh?

Brittany Ann said...

Well, if you ever do a baby-honoring concert with Mckmama, I better be invited, dream or no dream!

Lucky in Love said...

Okay...I am cracking up at your dreams! I can't believe you just gave birth and then walked away?? What's up with that? Ha!

And Hot Cross Buns? You couldn't do any better than that??