Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Party in Pink

I know I have written on different occasions about my mother and my mother-in-law and the breast cancer battle that they have both fought. However, when I saw the FringeGirl was hosting a Party in Pink as an opportunity to honour the women in our lives who have battled his disease, I knew I would be writing about it again.

What more can I say except that I am so thankful that both of our moms are alive and healthy today after undergoing such a tremendous battle?

About a month ago, I wrote about the closing ceremonies that I attended for the 2009 Weekend to End Breast Cancer. This was the first year in the past 3 years that I didn't participate in it myself. Since that weekend, I have decided that I will be raising money and I will be walking in 2010. How could I not?

Sometimes, people question these types of fundraisers and wonder whether or not the money raised will actually have any impact on the problem.

Will the money I raise cure cancer? Maybe not.

Does that mean it's not important or helpful? I don't think so.

I've been asked these questions before. I've been asked if I think that my participation in this event will "actually help solve anything".

My response to this question is always the same: I don't know if my participation in this event will make the difference but I have to do something. I may not be able to do much but I can do some fund raising and I can walk 60km... even if it kicks my butt.

After seeing a loved one(s) go through the battle of breast cancer, you are left knowing that you must do something.

I sat on my bed four days before Christmas and listened to my mom speak the words, "I have breast cancer."

I watched her hair fall out.

I sat beside her in a clinic and watched nasty drugs being pumped into her body while she fell asleep and made extremely strange noises (as not funny as the chemo experience is - it is actually kind of funny sometimes).

I heard her tell stories about the other women she met in the clinic during her treatments.

I heard her tell me that some of those women lost the battle.

I cried with the FD when he told me that his mother was diagnosed too.

I prayed for my mom, for FD's mom and for the many other women with breast cancer.

I celebrated when we found out that mom was cancer free.

I celebrated when FD's family found out that his mom was cancer free, too.

I spiked my mom's hair as it grew back, all short and fuzzy.

And through it all, I felt like I could really do nothing.

So, when the opportunity arose for me to be able to do something, I had to do it.

And that is why I will walk again in 2010.
(Please remind me of this when I'm in the process of fund raising and training next year.)

To finish off, here are some of my favourite pictures from the 2007 and 2008 walk ...

Here's to Mom, to Sue and to the far too many other women who have fought/are fighting/will fight in the fight against breast cancer.


Anonymous said...

What a great post! I'm so happy that your moms are cancer free now. Thank you for joining Party in Pink and celebrating them, their fight, and their victory. I totally agree with can we not do what we can. I hope you raise lots of money for the cause. Every little bit helps!

Wonderful post!!!

Brooke said...

i have to believe that while a little might not make a cure - it does help!

and i completely get what you're saying - even if its just helping you mentally feel like you're doing something, that's enough.

Kayla said...

This post gave me goosebumps. You go girl! You can do it and you are making a difference, no matter how big or how small, it is more than others can say they've done. Best wishes and I'm so happy that your family members are healthy and well!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Lucy! Praising God that your mom and MIL are cancer free!!!

Lucky in Love said...

I think this is such a fantastic thing you are going to do (and have done)! And just so you know, you did do something for your mom when she was sick. You were there. You were present. When she needed you the most, you were there for her. You watched her go through something I cannot even begin to imagine and you stuck by her. You're an amazing daughter and she is really, really lucky to have you.

C @ Project Pretty said...

Luc, you brought tears to my eyes with this post. I don't even know anyone who's had breast cancer, but your story is touching. I'm so glad you're doing what you can!

Jackie said...

What a wonderful post...and proof that God listens and answers our prayers!

Jen said...

This was a great post. Your mom-in-law is such a wonderful woman.
Becki was pretty bummed that she couldn't walk in this year's event, but I guess she's got a pretty good reason. ;) Congrats on being an Aunt to be again. I meant to mention that in August but I was worried she might not have told all of the family yet. :)

Shaina said...

This made me cry. :)

Brittany Ann said...

So powerful. Thanks for sharing:)

Mumma said...

I love you, my precious daughter!!!

Jenny.Lee said...

God is soo good! Wonderful post Lucy!

Country Dreaming said...

Go girl.
Too mny people are tough by this, I did a small post on it too.

Keep up the super work!!


trash talk said...

Hooray for you! As long as you are doing anything...even licking envelopes...makes a difference. Everyone's posts have truly inspired me to get even more involved. Thank you for yours!

Cristina said...

I love this! Maybe next year I will join you on the walk :)

jennifer said...

Your post made me cry. What a testimony to the strength of the women in your family and the healing power of God!

Thank you for sharing. I pray that a cure will be found SOON.

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

you are incredible. you have such a big heart!

Rona's Home Page said...

What great woman and the supportive family and friends!
I really enjoyed reading your post. What a fantastic idea to have the Party in Pink!

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing this. I wish the best to your mom and FD's mom!!