Saturday, August 8, 2009

Your Mr & Mrs Questions Answered!

As promised, here are the answers to the questions you asked us. I had so much fun answering and then comparing our answers. It was fun to see which questions we answered similarly and which ones we answered differently. Also funny to see how he is so much more verbose than moi.

Gwen asked: If you could only bring one thing with you (each of you get an item) to an island where you will be stranded what would you bring?

My answer: The FD would bring a weapon of some kind ... either his bow or rifle. I would bring my breadmaker (surely there's electricity on this deserted island right?)

His answer: I would bring water proof matches and Lucy would take her camera.

Tricia asked: If you and the FD could start any business or volunteer venture together and money were no object, what would it be and why?

My answer: Wow! I've had to think about this one so much. After a few days of thought, I'm still not entirely sure. I think it would somehow involve having an opportunity for us to work together and me be at home with our children. Perhaps a farm.

His answer: We would either farm full time or do something for breast cancer.

Rona asked: Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

My answer: In ten years I see us owning a small hobby farm in [a certain town that I'm not going to tell any of you - including my real life family and friends]. We will have a set of twin boys named [I'm not telling] and [I'm still not telling] and one girl named [you have to guess] on the way. Of course, Nika will still be alive and thriving because she is never going to die. FD will be working at a similar job but with a different company and I will be a SAHM with a part time blogging business. By this time, we will have a full blown chicken farming operation and perhaps there will be a few goats and pigs thrown into the mix. How does that sound?

His answer: Ten years? Lots of kids running around on a small farm.

S. asked: Did you wait until you were married to *ahem*? And, when will you two start having a family?

My answer: Seriously, S., don't you know my daddy reads this blog? (Blush). But, yes, we did wait until we were married. That was a decision we were both firmly committed to. And as far as the family, hopefully we'll be ready to start within the next 2 years. Tomorrow, if I had it my way. :D

His answer: Yes we waited. We'll start having a family with in a year and a half or two.

Jenny.Lee asked: What is something new you have learned about your significant other now that you are married?

My answer: That farting and snoring are a big deal. In all seriousness, I have learned that there will never be a day when I will question whether or not he loves me and that I will never have to worry about being provided for. This man is an extremely hard worker and he will do whatever it takes (including working 36 hours straight, taking on two extra jobs, and not stopping for breaks/lunches) to ensure that our family is okay. I have learned that even though our love is spoken in very different languages, it is often necessary and valuable to become fluent in a language that is much different than your primary one in order to meet the needs your spouse. And although you may never speak your second language as easily or as naturally as you do your primary language, you will be able to learn well enough to communicate clearly if you try hard enough. I have learned that the FD will always try to learn my language.

His answer: I've learned that blogging brings her a lot of joy and that she always tries to get as much joy into one day as possible.

C asked: What is your favorite thing about the other? What is the funniest memory you have together?

My answer: Hmm, my favourite thing about him? How do I pick just one? I love that he loves to eat my food. All the time. Even when it's gross. Our funniest memory together is a prank we pulled on my dad. We sent my dad down to get some corn out of the freezer and when he got down there the FD jumped out of the freezer and scared my dad so bad he almost pooped his pants. He dropped the lid of the freezer on FD's head.

His answer: My favourite thing is her cooking. Our funniest memory is probably when I peed the bed. Rumour has it you've all heard that story.

Kristin asked: What is the weirdest thing the two of you did together? What is the weirdest thing that happened to you when you were together?

My answer: The weirdest thing we ever did together was in Niagara Falls on one of our first dates. For some reason, we thought this was so funny. I would go sit on a beach about 100 yards ahead of him. He'd wait a few minutes and then start running towards me screaming "Go! Go! Go!" Then I would quickly jump up and jump on his back and we'd take off. People looked at us like we were out to lunch. We did this over and over again and were laughing so hard at the end. Then we went to a hat store and he made me try one tons of ridiculous hats.

This is probably tied with the time we pulled over on the side of the highway on the way to my family reunion (when we were dating), picked up a wounded owl, emptied his duffel bag to make a bed for the owl, and continued driving. FD thought my family would think he was so cool if he brought an owl to the reunion. I drove the next two hours terrified that the owl would get out of the bag and be perched on the back of my seat. You all know how much I love birds (sarcasm). Unfortunately, Miles - as we called the dear owl who traveled many miles in his life - did not make it to the final destination. He passed away somewhere between Parry Sound and Sudbury. Rest in peace.

The weirdest thing that happened to us when we were together is ... I'm having a really hard time thinking of an answer for this one.

His answer: The weirdest thing we've ever done together is... I got nothing.

The weirdest thing that has ever happened to us when we were together is... I still got nothing.

**Sorry we both have super boring answers for this one. Apparently we're not very weird.

Elizabeth asked: How were you feeling on the day you got engaged?

My answer: Well, first I was confused about some weird behaviour on the part of my in-laws, then I was excited when I realized he was going to propose. Then I was scared while riding a horse. Then I was ecstatic when I saw my ring. Then I felt blessed to celebrate with my family. Click here to read more about the day of our engagement.

His answer: Successful.


Shaina said...

These answers are super fun and cute! I totally missed out and asking, such a bummer. I'm not trying to think of late-in-the-game questions. :)

SnoWhite said...

These are awesome! I love that you two see different and beautiful things in one another, and yet have your vision for the future solid together. You seem to have a beautiful and strong marriage. :) Praying for many more wonderful years together for the two of you, and for little bee-boppers one of these days ;)

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Oh my. I loved this. I had a combination of tears and laughter. Mostly tears from laughing. ;)
You guys are quite in sync, though. That's awesome.
Loved this. I may copy it soon. K?! Have a wonderful weekend, guys!

Elizabeth said...

I laughed so hard about your running on the beach story. These are great answers :)

Rona's Home Page said...

I was very impressed that you waited till you were married. I tell our son that he should do the same.
Thanks you for answering my question.

Taryn said...

haha- I like FD's response to the engagement- successful. ha- I guess so.

I like to hear FD's responses- they sound so much different than yours.

Sorry I have not commented on your love story posts. I wanted to read them all together when I got home- but I am a bit behind.

Lucky in Love said...

I love this :) I think I shall steal :)