Monday, June 15, 2009

For Mumma...

You pray for me.
You laugh with me.
You bake with me.
You walk with me.
You hope for me.
You fight for me.
You buy me cute bathing suits.
You stock the fridge with my favorite treats when I visit.
You check up on me.
You encourage me.
You teach me.
You scold me.
You watch Harry Potter with me.
You don't show up to Parent appreciation assemblies to get your flower.
You are proud of me.
You worry about me.
You let my dog spread black hair all over your clean boat.
You survived for me.
You visit me.
You shop with me.
You believe in me.

...and that is what makes you my mother and friend.

Happy Birthday to the most beauitful woman I know.

You don't look a day over 72!


C said...

Aw happy birthday to your mom! Was the "not a day over 72" a joke?

Denise K. said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother today!!! Enjoy spending time together!!! :-)

Cristina said...

I love this post! I gave you an award on my post today...go check it out!

Lucy Marie said...

Yes the not a day over 72 is a joke .. my mom is NO WHERE close to 72 and I do not think she looks that old either :D

Emily MacKenzie said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet mama! She's the best!

Snow White said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lindsay Lou for the birthday wishes .... I love you too ..... but I think you got those numbers backwards ..... I know you really meant that I don't look a day over "27"!!!!!
Hugs and kisses from your mumma!!!

Tereasa said...

"You survived for me." The words brought tears to my eyes. Your mom is a superhero!!!!!!

Kristin said...

Happy birthday mumma. Lindsay has nailed it! Except that I'm pretty sure you showed up to all of MY parent appreciation assemblies :-)

Evan Kirkland said...

Happy Bday Mumma, you don't look a day under or over 49!

Kristen said...

Lucy your comments you left on my blog were so sweet. Thank you so much for your prayers!