Friday, April 24, 2009

On Friday I Love...

~ getting up early to head to my hometown

~ getting a whole bunch of slobbery kisses from my 9 m/o nephew

~ having lunch with my mom and dad

~ sneaking a package of Reese peanut butter cups on the grocery conveyor belt when my mom isn't looking

~ visiting with my grandparents

~ going for a walk with my mom

~ rolling up my sleeves because it's so hot

~ seeing my sister in Bro-in-law

~ celebrating my brother's birthday

~ eating BBQ'ed hot dogs

~ enjoying time with my family (minus the fabulous dude -- boo being on call at work)

~ ETA: receiving my yoga mat as my prize for the family fitness challenge

~ ETA: seeing my dad drop his BRAND new blackberry on the ceramic floor and hear him wondering why it won't even turn on.

What do you love on Friday?


Emily said...

I love your Friday!!!! LOL

I love just waiting for my husband to get home early so we can sit out on the porch and drink some sweet tea!

Sassenachs in Scotland said...

On Friday I love-

-sleeping in late

-staying in my PJs until three in the afternoon

-talking to my parents on the phone

-getting some much needed groceries

-cleaning my room so that it looks nice when you are here

-watching Greys Anatomy online

-watching Chicago while eating popcorn

-reading Twilight...again

C said...

MMMmmm I love a lot of those same things, but today, it was definitely the gorgeous 80 degree weather!!

Emily MacKenzie said...

I love Fridays cuz Andy is off in the afternoon, so we get some extra time together, with the kiddies.
Also, since he's home I usually get out for a run while the other 3 nap.
I love this Friday cuz it's the nicest weather day we've had yet this year.
I love having coffee with Kendra and Shanna while the kids (of which we are becoming greatly outnumbered by) play.
And cuz we usually have plans to visit family and friends over the coming weekend.
I LOVE FRIDAYS!! Even more when I'm working, but even still on mat leave.

Cristina said...

I love that it's the last day of work for the week, and Friday is usually date night (when my husband doesn't have to work late)

tututina said...

Hi Lucy,

Thanks for following my blog! I am really enjoying reading your posts since I am new to blogland. Hmm, I would have to say Fridays are simply my favourite day of the week because as I was growing up I always had youth group nights on friday so I've grown to love it. Now that I'm older, I love it because it's the start of the weekend. You know, you have Saturday and Sunday to look forward to until the week starts again on Monday. It's a great time to just sit back, go out to eat and relax!

Denise K. said...

It sounds like you have had a great day! I love Fridays, because it is the one day our kids don't have any after school activities...that means no chaueffering anyone homework, and a leisurely family dinner! :-)

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

What a wonderful Friday. On Friday I love hanging with my hubby bc he's home from work when he's not doing overtime. We sleep in. Hang out. And do projects together. I love Fridays!

Taryn said...

I love that you sneaked Reese's in on your mom- and that it made the highlight reel. I am glad you had a good weekend! I am missing my mom and looking forward to seeing her in a few weeks!