Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Family...

This is a letter of apology

Dear Dad, Mom, Kris, Dave, Evan, Logi and my sweet Fabulous Dude,

I am writing this letter as a public apology to you all. I am so sorry that I smoked all of y'all in the first quarter of our Family Fitness Challenge. I am sorry that I kicked your butts so far into the ground that you might possibly never resurface again.

I am sorry that none of you can keep up with my mad exercise routine. I am sorry that I am so fit and toned and that my stamina cannot be rivaled. I am sorry that you are all so jealous of the exquisiteness of my muscles. I am sorry that my the flatness of my abs puts the rest of you to shame.

I am sorry that I will soon be enjoying a brand new exercise mat and possibly some new weights just as soon as Dad gets around to giving me my prize while the rest of you will be without.

Please forgive me for being so in shape.

Love, Lucy


Mrs. Smith said...

This is awesome!!! Congrats on kicking ass!

Evan Kirkland said...
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Evan Kirkland said...

I feel it is my responsibility to inform everyone that Lucy was a little bit misinformed as to the goal of the competition.

It's main purpose was to encourage a family to engage in more physical activity then they maybe have in the past. Anyway, the goal was to get in better shape. The problem is, Lucy chose the shape of "round".

And although she put in a tremendous effort, far better than anyone else in the family, she was actually doing the opposite of everyone else and was instead working on a more round figure. I didn't know what to expect, but Lucy, let me tell you. I think you got there!

You go girl! The following link shows her great progress!


Elizabeth said...

Lucy, you crack me up!! :)

C said...

haha that's great!