Thursday, July 31, 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I have thought long and hard to come up with an appropriate title for this post. At first, I really felt that the above expression was too cheesy and lame for what I wanted to express. However, as I put my thoughts together, it just kept coming back to me. (It is probably still lame and cheesy, but hey, it works).

Although it is a cliche of sorts, I can't help but finding meaning in the words. It has now been two weeks since I have seen my husband. This is, by far, the longest period of time that we have spent apart since we began dating.

My time away from home has made me feel refreshed in a way. I am missing him terribly yet at the same time, I am enjoying spending time with my sister. Being apart from Evan has allowed me to evaluate our relationship and rekindle my appreciation for him. I find myself thinking about him constantly, longing to hear his voice and feel his arms around me. I find myself missing many of the things that I take for granted or even become frustrated with when we're together. I miss his silly jokes (which I often roll my eyes at), I miss seeing him after work (which usually just seems normal), I might even miss picking up his dirty laundry (okay, maybe not).

This separation has renewed these feelings because, as you probably know, life can sometimes become monotonous and we fail to appreciate those things that mean the most to us. It is my prayer that I will remember the loneliness I feel when I am away from him after we have been reunited for some time.

Why do we take our loved ones for granted when they are close and appreciate them most fully when they are far? Why does absence make the heart grow fonder?

I miss you, love. I'm counting the days!


Evan Kirkland said...

Do you miss picking his nose?

Evan Kirkland said...
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Emily MacKenzie said...

Missing Evan eh? So....does any shirtless guy you see make you miss him more? tee hee.
I think the longest Andy and I have been apart since we've been together, is 3 months....Searcy Arkansas is a long way...
Missing them is a good thing. :)

Tereasa said...

Oh sweetie, it brings tears to my eyes to think about you two missing each other. I am so thankful that you fell in love and got married. I knew from the beginning you were made for each other. When you get home and start to take it all for granted again, just come over and I'll kick your ah-hem back into gear. (I'm known for that, you know.)

Tereasa said...

P.S. I don't mean to make it sound like I have it all together. I will be kicking you back into gear, because I know how easy it is to take your husband for granted and how much better life is when you don't!!