Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You may call me quirky ...

I love Pepsi. I don't like Coke.
I love Diet Coke. I don't like Diet Pepsi.
I love a clean house. I don't like cleaning.
I love my black lab/border collie cross. I don't like dogs.
I love honey mustard flavoured pretzels. I don't like pretzels (I don't particularly care for mustard either).
I love sleeping under my duvet. I don't like being hot at night.
I love bananas. I don't like anything banana flavoured.
I love visiting my family on the weekends. I don't like sitting in the car for more than 30 minutes at a time.
I love Lost, Greys Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters and American Idol. I don't like watching TV.
I love Mexican food. I don't like spicy things.
I love being a student. I don't like being stressed out.
I love coconut shrimp. I don't like coconut.
I love cinnamon raisin bagels. I don't like raisins.
I love green tea. I don't like hot drinks.
I love French toast. I don't like anything that has bread and eggs combined.
I love reading outside in the sun. I don't like sweating.
I love being active. I don't like working out.
I love cuddling at night. I don't like Evan to touch me when I'm asleep.
I love seafood. I don't like tuna or salmon.
I love talking. I don't like answering the phone.
I love sleeping in. I don't like wasting my mornings.

Do you have any quirks?


Evan Kirkland said...

Hmmm...lets see...

I hate coconut, but love coconut cream pie.

Thats all i got...

Emily MacKenzie said...

I like having money. I don't like to work for it. :)
I like my pretty pedicured toe's. I don't like to be thought of as a girly girl.
I think you should say it like it is. I feel sick if I hurt somones feelings.
I'm anal about having a clean house. My car is always a mess.

The Northerner said...

Oh boy, we are so alike! I could have written 80% of these things.

Anonymous said...

I love this!