Monday, May 13, 2013

The Long Awaited Muvvery Party

This year, with Evalyn being in preschool, we’ve been introduced to a whole new world of school friends, field trips and class parties. For weeks and weeks and weeks leading up to last Thursday, Evalyn has been excitedly anticipating “The Muvvery Party”. Also known by the over two crowd as “The Mother’s Day Tea Party”. Try as we may, we could not convince that sweet child that this party was called anything other than The Muvvery Party and so, The Muvvery Party it was.

She counted sleeps. She counted songs. She picked the “dresser” she would wear to the party. She waited. And waited. And waited.

On May 1st when I picked her up, before I could even get out of the car she was hollering from the playground, “Mom? DO YOU KNOW IT’S MAY NOW? AND MAY IS THE MUVVERY PARTY!”

She practiced the songs they would sing, told me that we would eat cookies and drink tea, and said that there would be a very special cupcake surprise…. all the while always wagging her finger and saying, in the most serious tone, “But we don’t tell the Mommies this. We don’t tell the Mommies”.

Thursday May 9th rolled around and as soon as she stepped out of bed and knew that the day had arrived! The Muvvery Party was here. We spent the the morning getting ready. We showered. We did our hair. We put on makeup. We got dressed up. Clearly, this was a big deal!

Around 9:30, Auntie C1 and Auntie C2 and the boys rolled in to hang out with Gwennie Girl so Evalyn and I could enjoy the morning to ourselves. We snapped some quick pics and we were off.


On the drive to school she was just beaming. She kept saying over and over and over again just how much fun it was going to be. “All my friends will be there. It’s going to be so much fun. The Muvvery party is here!”

Thankfully, the party didn't’ disappoint. She was ecstatic to decorate a crown for “Mommy” (ahem, she wouldn’t let me wear it for a second), sing the songs with her friends, decorate a cookie with icing and enough sprinkles to last a lifetime and drink apple juice from a real (!!!!!) tea cup.

Post1The morning was so special. One I’ll remember forever, even if the memory quickly fades from her mind. These are the moments my heart has waited for. A perfect morning spent with my Big Girl – the one who made me Mommy – reflecting on the joy and privilege that is motherhood.

I am blessed beyond measure to call these children mine.  


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I love this so so so so so so much :) and I love that picture of eva, bottom left, sipping the tea. you both look lovely and so very happy. xo

Lynsey said...

I love this! I can't wait for tea party days with Caroline. You both look so pretty and happy. What a memory to treasure.

Jessica Gehman said...

OH goodness she is so cute! And isn't everything better with Sprinkles, really? Glad you had a wonderful Muvvery Party <3