Wednesday, May 8, 2013

eebs says

A few of Eva’s latest tidbits. Including her stellar bed head.


We don't typically let Eva have a drink in bed but she's quickly learned when she's sick we do. Recently, she has tried telling me that she has sore muscles, still has bug bite (more on this later) and that she has an eyeball…. so she needs a drink in bed.

The poor doll has terrible reactions to bug bites. She always has. I remember one time last summer not being able to get her sandals on because her feet and ankles were so welted up. Typically, they swell up and then are gone within a day or so. This time, however, she got one on her upper lip and the reaction was worse than we have ever seen and lasted far longer. We ended up taking her to emerg about it last week and of course, the drama and ensued from that experience has been hilarious. She’s told many people “I’m really sick. I’m okay now but I used to be very sick on Saturday. The bug bites that were on my face were very horrible. I had to go to the hospipple because I got a bug bite”. At church on Sunday if she was talking to someone who didn’t mention the marks on her face, she was quick to point out that she had a bug bite and tell them all about it.

The things she prays at night never, ever get old. Here are a few of the latest: “Help us to clean the porch so that we can play on it and off it. But help us don’t go off the porch and disobey mommy. Help us stay on the porch like Mommy tells me” and “Help me to be brave and do your heart and have healthy".

She talks a lot about what is going to happen. Everything is “First we will ____, then we will ____, then we will _____”. She is planner like her Mama. Similarly, she narrates social situations a lot lately. It’s kind of sweet to see her developing this kind of understanding. She talks about situations that might occur at school and how she’ll handle them, mostly. For example, one time while driving to school she told me "When I want to play a drum I can say 'please, can I have a turn on that drum?' I won't say 'GIVE! ME! THAT! DRUM! RIGHT! NOW!" She then went on to tell me what she would say to her teacher if her friend said “YOU! CAN’T! HAVE! THIS! DRUM”. Now, let’s just hope she can practice what she preaches.

A few Saturdays ago, I had plans to have a kidless Mom date with my girlfriend. As I was heading out the door, I told Eva I was going shopping. She got upset that she wasn’t coming with me but then finally calmed down enough to say, “Okay go. But just buy pretzels. Then come back and play with me”

On our drive to church we saw some cyclists and Eva said "I used to be a fireman but now I'm a bike man like those guys".

Clearly Eva believes in God's ability to perform miracles. She prayed "Thank you for our chickens to lay eggs. Please help Nika to lay eggs"

The conversations we have together never cease to amuse me. "Eva do you need a sweater over your dress?" "No. I'm good. Nice asking though mom".

I spent last month focusing on redecorating our sofa table, I picked things up here and there and one night after the kids were in bed, I finally arranged it all. Girlfriend doesn’t miss a thing. As soon as she woke up the next morning she could not get over it. She kept telling me how beautiful it was, how cute it was and how much she loved these new decorations. Even now, she will sometimes tell me how cute my new flowers are. Her level of observation kind of stuns me. She notices every little detail around the house. Including if I clean during her nap, if Evan shaves his head, if I get new earrings, if I move a toy and so on … it kind of amazes me.

My girl is like her Mama and loves bagels. She has quickly figured out that they come in quarters. So when we go to “Tim Portants” to “pay da lady and buy a bagel” she requests 4 cheesy bagels. Usually, she specifies that she wants a soft bagel. I.e. toasted lightly. Picky girl!

Speaking of buy and paying the lady, she loves to play shopping. I have to stand on one side of the baby gate while she stands on the other and I have to say “Excuse me lady, can I buy _______?” she will bring me my requested item and tell me how much I owe. Usually 5:30 or 2 o’clock.

Last weekend, Eva came and crawled in bed with me on Saturday morning at 6:20.... She had already taken off pjs and pull-up and was fully dressed and "all set to go" (her words). Well, then.

We had a birthday party for Eva’s Auntie Linda a few weeks ago and she had so much fun preparing, making and decorating a cake and so on. When the party had finally arrived (and she had her special party dress on) it was like Christmas all over again. When we sat down to eat she kept saying over and over again ,|”I’m just so glad you could come!”

There is a Mother’s Day tea party planned at Eva’s preschool. She calls it The Muvvery Party. She has been talking about it and counting down for weeks. She tells me the songs we’ll sing, the food we’ll eat and everything but always ends up by wagging her finger in the air and saying, “But we don’t tell the mommies about this! We don’t tell the mommies!”

A few days ago I smelled something and asked Eva if she tooted. "Yes I did. Thanks for asking. You're a very smart girl, Mommy".

Like I said before, she’s a planner and a list maker like her Mommy. Last week our friends were coming over. She knew they were coming after Gwennie’s nap and she told me, “We just have FOUR more jobs before our friends can get here. We have to go outside, hang the clothes on the line, come back inside and draw a picture”.

On Sunday at supper Eva told my aunt "You make good choices and eat all your supper so you can have de-yert. If you make bad choices and ...Don't eat your supper I will put you in your car and take you home and you won't have any ice cream And NEXT WEEK you can make good choices and have ice cream"

My mom is coming for a visit in a few days so Eva called her to plan a picnic. After deciding on all the food we’d take, Eva asked nana if she’d be bringing any good food or treats. Nana asked her if she’d like her to bring cheesies. Eva agreed that she should bring some cheesy crackers and goodies (what she calls chocolate smarties). That night she was in the tub and telling Evan all about these plans. She hollered to me, “MOM? CAN YOU CALL NANA? MAKE SURE SHE BRINGS ME CHEESY CRACKERS AND GOODIES!” And then yesterday on the phone she asked Nana, “Did you forget to put my treats in your suitcase?”

I wish I could remember and document all of the hilarity. Of course, I can’t. If I wanted to, I’d have to be walking around with a notepad at all hours of the day. What can I say? Life with her is never boring.


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness. I LOVE that she told your aunt that'd she'd put her in her car, take her home, and give her no dessert. I'm dying.

Ashley @ Gratitude and Latitude said...

She's the funniest kid ever.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I actually wish I did write more of Eme's sayings downs. Eva cracks me up, and yet, so much is familiar ;) today in the car I got, "Lucy, you're making a sad choice right now, a sad, sad choice". I wonder where she heard that. (hides in the corner) ;)