Tuesday, October 30, 2012

kids in the kitchen

Last week, I was set up to take a meal to a family at church who just welcomed their second babe. I decided this was the perfect time to reintroduce some baking into our lives. Other than the occasional pancake breakfast and a few pies, there haven’t been many homemade goodies in our lives lately since we moved and I am learning my way around a new (totally stupid and non-functional) kitchen.

The best thing about this kind of baking is that I got to enjoy the fun of baking and a few yummy treats without having the huge temptation of baked goods kicking around on my counter. At least if they are for someone else, I will know better than to eat them. Or at least, all of them.

Because I haven’t been baking lately, it’s been a while since I’ve asked Eva to come into the kitchen and help me out. So, as soon as Gwennie went down for her morning nap, I scooted a chair up to the counter for Eva and we got to work. I couldn’t believe the difference in her ability and interest level in baking since the last time we did this together. This time she actually helped. Instead of just “helping”. She followed the instructions, listened to me telling her what each of the ingredients were and put the proper number of scoops of ingredients into the bowl. Until we got to the chocolate chips of course. I gave her the scoop and told her to pour them in, she looked at me like I was crazy and said, “I don’t wanna” and started to eat them. Bless her heart. She’s just like her Mama.

Cookie baking1

Of course, she still didn’t quite grasp the waiting concept. You know, that the cookies aren’t ready as soon as you put them on the pan so there were definitely some necessary distraction tactics pulled out in the meantime.

In the end, it was worth the wait.

Cookie baking  Baking with kids in the kitchen may take twice as long and be twice as messy but hey! It’s twice as fun. We’ll definitely be doing lots more of this in the future.


Lindsey said...

Now that we have our learning tower, Connor always wants to help, which is great! He has helped me make applesauce, taco meat, and on Sunday helped me add the cheese for lasagna. Of course he loves his play kitchen too.

Shannon Dew said...

I love this! KP is definitely my little "helper" in the kitchen. She LOVES it! Last night when I was doing our rice/sensory bins she kept flinging it everywhere and I felt myself start to get irritated and then remembered that this is fun for her! Who cares about a mess?!

Aunt Shelley said...

Just saw the Robin Hood Flour baking with kids commercial last night and thought of you guys. Check out the website it apparently has printable calendars etc...sounded like fun - although I must admit I was that mama who took advantage of nap time and got my kitchen stuff done...somehow still ended up with two grown boys who love to work in the kitchen (but not cleaning up)

Linda said...

So is that why Eva took me to the baking cupboard on Friday nite to get her snack and insisted on 'choco chips'. I promise I only gave her a few!!!!

PaigeR530 said...

You so make the thought of Ethan growing up less bitter and more sweet. I can't wait for these moments with him.

Jessica Gehman said...

I trash my kitchen all by myself, I can not imagine what having a kid in the kitchen would look like. So glad you're having fun together, making those memories that you'll both always remember!

Deanna said...

That is so cute! "I don't wanna." :)