Wednesday, September 5, 2012

two months of gwen

My Sweet Little Gwennifer (nickname courtesy of your Dadddy),

As I write this you have just finished up your second month as an outside baby. And what a couple of months it has been! We have been through a lot together over the past two months – moving to a new house and adjusting to a new way of life. You have done so well, just rolling with the punches, that I’m pretty sure you could easily take home the Easiest Baby on the Planet award.

You have taught me so much throughout this transition, sweetie. You have given me an excuse to lay in bed on rainy afternoons even when there are boxes to unpack and things to clean. You have re-taught me the importance of slowing down, enjoying what really matters, and cherishing the every day moments of our little ol’ life.

When I look at photos of you from the past month, I can’t get over how much you are changing. You are sassy and sweet and developing your very own little personality. Here’s how you’ve looked this month:

2 month growth photos

You are mostly out of your newborn clothes and are now wearing some 0-3 and some 3 month things. You are in size 2 diapers when you wear disposables. I’m a Mama who always ends up moving up diaper sizes early because I’m used to the extra bulk of cloth diapers, so size 1s seem too tiny on your little rump. You weigh 11 lbs 4 oz, are 22 1/4 inches inches long and have a head circumfrence of 39 cm. This means you’re in the 75th for all of your measurements. Interestingly, your measurements are identical to your sisters 8 week measurements. You had your shots last week and handled them like a champ. Now it’s time to get your ears pierced!

Your big sister is your favourite person in the world and that is becoming more and more apparent all the time. You watch her closely, smiling and laughing at her all the time. I can’t wait to see this relationship develop even further.

Month 2

You are quite possibly the smiliest baby I’ve ever known. It doesn’t take much to get your face to turn up into that goofy little grin that I love so much. You are also quite the giggler and chatter box. You coo and goo and do a funny little fake cough that always catches you off guard. Oh, Gwennie, you are my joy.

Month 21

You have kept up your streak of wonderful sleep during your second month. Although you’re not sleeping quite as well or as consistently as you did the first month, you are still sleeping better than I could ever expect from a 2 month old. I thank you for that. You are also an excellent napper so far. The sad part is, you don’t want me to rock you to sleep. You prefer to be still and quiet when you sleep. All you need is to be wrapped up and laid down on your tummy with your soosie. You do love sleeping in the Ergo or the sling, however, so I take advantage of those times whenever I can – that’s where I get my snuggles. I’m glad you like your crib for napping, but we tried it for night time sleep and you weren’t such a fan. So, for now, you’re back in the bassinet, in your room for nights. Of course, you sleep in there until you wake up to nurse and then you spend the rest of the night/morning curled up with me. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. You’ve started to go to bed earlier and earlier and at this point, are sleeping from around 8-8:30 pm until 7 am, waking once anywhere between 3:30-5. See? Can’t complain. Because you like to be still and quiet for sleeping, you have decided that you will not sleep in the car. It has made a few car trips rather tricky when I don’t have an extra set of hands to constantly put your soosie back in your mouth. I’m really hoping you’ll grow out of this soon.

Month 24

You’ve spent a lot of time meeting and getting to know friends, cousins and other family members. Do you know how loved you are, my girl?

Month 23

When you were six weeks, six days old you decided to try out a new trick and starting rolling from your tummy to your back. Mommy and Eva were so proud of you! Eva spent the whole day telling anyone who would listen that “Gwennie wolled ober!” One time I left you on your tummy on your blanket and came back to find you on your back. I’m pretty sure there’s no question that you were proud of yourself!

Month 25

You have changed our family in ways I can hardly describe. Because of you we laugh more often, we snuggle more closely and we love more wholly.

Month 22

You are mine and you are loved.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Ok the toes pointing pic at the end? ridiculously cute. Also...I'm *thisclose* to moving Lucy up to size 2's already! They say they go up to 14lbs (size 1) and I just like diapers BIGGER. More coverage. Less...umm...explosions?! I just don't wanna risk it. Also, I think Lucy's gonna be a chunker (umm.she kind of is already)...she probably weighs 11lbs by now already! haha. She feels SO HUGE.

Love the sister thing. LOVE IT. Didn't expect it to be this good, but it's good.

Love all the photos.

OH YEA--I know what I wanted to say. I am SO IMPRESSED that Gwen actually gets dressed in gorgeous outfits. I am awful..she basically wears a onesie all day, and pretty much, that's it. Um. Yea. I suck. I find getting her dressed annoying. I used to LOVE dressing up Eme...(and still do actually)...but I guess Lucy gets the short end of the stick. LIke I said yesterday, you're a better mom than me ;)

Lindsay said...

Happy 2 months Gwen! She is so so sweet!

Gina said...

Ohhh that baby is so so cute. I totally see Eva in her but I love that she is so clearly her own little person too. Happy two months to you both :)

Crystal Seed said...

Gwen is just the sweetest little girl! I can't believe that she's already 2 months old!!! That last pic really is the cutest! Pointed toes and all!!! Adorable!

Sarah said...

Happy two months, Gwen! I love reading these posts, especially b/c she's only a week or so younger than my little boy.

And the close up of her in black and white? Love.

Meagan said...

Great pics I love the three nursing mamas! And oh my gosh you got a better sleeper than my 15 month old!