Thursday, August 16, 2012

Six Weeks

6 weeks 008

Our sweet little Gwennie Girl has been with us for six whole weeks now. Actually, more like six and a half but we’ll leave it at that.

Here’s just a little update on where she’s at (mostly so I don’t forget)…

Gwen weighs 10lbs10oz and is 57 cm long with a head circumference of 38 cm. Her weight is nearly evened out with where Eva was at this point (she was 10lbs9oz).

She is holding her head up like crazy, smiling, cooing and is right there on the verge of full out laughing. She’s starting to show lots of interest in toys and people. Mostly her Daddy and her Big Sister.

She’s growing up way too fast. WAY too fast. She resists falling asleep in my arms but falls right to sleep as soon as I lay her on her belly with her soosie. Thankfully, she still loves to sleep while being worn, so I make sure to do that as often as possible. I don’t wan to miss out on these snuggles. She is still sleeping great at night – not as awesome as she had been, but still good for her age. She nurses every 3-4 hours during the day and is usually a really quick eater. She’s too inquisitive to stop and eat for too long – you know, she might miss something that’s going on. That being said, she is a super social baby. She is tricky to get to sleep if there are lots of people around and things going on. She wants to be part of the action.

She is a happy, calm and very easy going baby. She has (seemingly) already grown out of the witching hour stage and is pretty chill all day. She goes down for the night between 8-9 and is usually up between 7-8 (with one or two wake ups somewhere in there). She likes the play mat, the bouncy seat, the swing and the ergo – making it easy for me to have my hands free when they need to be.

She is all together sweetness to me. Her infancy is flying by and I know these moments are fleeting. I am soaking her up. Cuddling her – when she lets me and enjoying each day with her.

My sweet babe.

6 weeks 025


Mandy said...

Such a gorgeous little girl!

MommaBBabyboy said...

Such a sweetheart! My littlest is 8 weeks, it's so fun to see what others his age are up to too! Xxx

Lucky in Love said...

She is so gorgeous :)

Crystal Seed said...

Gosh! Those cheeks are amazing! And that first pic is just adorable! She looks like she's holding her head up great already!!