Thursday, July 12, 2012

Homebirth Q&A– A Call for Questions

During the months of my pregnancy and especially in the days since giving birth to Gwen, I’ve received a number of comments/e-mails asking questions or wondering different things about our experience with homebirth.

I wrote a similar post shortly after Evalyn was born but since so many of you are new readers, I figured it would be interesting and valuable to do it again.

So, leave a comment or e-mail me with any questions you may have regarding our experiences giving birth to our daughters in our home and I’ll be sure to address them in a post sometime in the next few days.


Erin Maree said...

I might've commentted once or twice before and I love your blog :) I studied Homebirthing in my Childcare class in high school (last year! Yes I am a teenager but I love reading blogs like yours for some reason!) so I have quite a few questions for you.

Why did you decide to do Homebirth in the first place and do you plan to do this if/when you have more kids?

Did you ever consider letting Evalyn be part of the birth experience? Why/why not?

I believe you are renting did you have to get permission from your landlord to have a homebirth?

Did you want a waterbirth at home or did you just want to see how things went and if you ended in the bath that would be fine?

Was this birth better, worse or the same as with Evalyn?

Thanks for letting me ask these questions :) I am very tempted to steal both your daughters they are so cute! Evalyn looks just like your hubby in many ways but has your eyes and Gwennie is so cute :)

Anonymous said...

What made you decide to have home births rather than hospital births?

Would you consider a hospital birth for any of your future children?

Were you born in your parents home or in a hospital?

rashell said...

I'm 'due' tomorrow for my second son first homebirth. And I just bought Depends to wear during labor to save my couches from birth stuff. Lol

My question: did anything need replaced or was hard to clean from blood, etc?

Lizzy said...

Have you ever thought of going to school to be a midwife?

Would you ever have a water birth instead of having the babies on the bed?

Like other people have asked, would you let your kids watch if they were older and interested in watching?

Shannon Sentences said...

How close to a hospital do you live? Did this play a part in your decision (either you live so far away it was inconvenient or you are so close you knew it would be easy to get there if something went wrong)?

What was your back-up plan if something had gone wrong?

I had an all-natural birth with a doula and an OB in a hospital because I was just too scared to not be physically in the hospital in case something went wrong. Did you have this fear? And if so, how did you get over it?

I really appreciate your willingness to share about your birth experiences!