Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A First for My Big Girl

If becoming a Big Sister wasn’t enough to promote Evalyn to big girl status, then last night’s activities surely were.

Her Auntie H and cousins came up to visit Baby Gwennie and while they were here, Auntie H decided that Evalyn’s mullet/rat tail was a little too much to handle. I had been teetering back and forth over what to do with her hair – all I knew was that something had to be done as it was getting quite unruly.

So, I passed the baton to Auntie H and let her “six Eea hair” (Fix Eva’s hair).

The little trim off the back makes her look so different and so grown up. Plus, she no longer looks like a feral child which is a bonus.

Evalyn's First Haircut

Eva is quite proud and has been showing off her new hair to everyone and telling them how it’s “all better now. Auntie Howwy six Eea hair”.

Here’s hoping that the trim will help her hair grow in thicker and more evenly from here on out.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Aww! no more side ponies for a little bit ;) She looks adorable.

Erin said...

It's crazy how much even a little trim can change the way they look!

Sarah Ann said...

Oh, so cute!!

Crystal Seed said...

I totally get that! Seriously, I was just telling my hair dresser this! (she just left my house after cutting my hair) Chloe's hair is so straight and scraggly that I can't do ANYTHING with it! And I want her to cut it soooo bad, just to make it look cuter! I keep trying to make something of her bangs, but they look horrible because her hair is too straight for me to make anything of it. So I need professional hands to do it. Not anal Mama hands. LOL! Eva looks Adorable, though! Love it!!!

Jackie said...

Feral child-- you crack me up!!!!!!!