Friday, July 27, 2012

All About Evalyn

If you haven’t figured out that my kid is a hoot, then you’re living under a rock. I mean, perhaps I’m biased, but honestly? She is a riot. And I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m “that mom”. You know? The one who bombards you with hilarious stories about things her kid has said and done within minutes of beginning a conversation with you? Yep. That’s me So sue me.

So before I get too caught up in newborndom and the chaos of moving, I want to capture some of her latest and greatest.

First up, this kid likes to sing. I’ve written that in almost every update about her since she became a toddler, but it’s true. She’s always singing. And lately her made up songs have reached an all time high. I’d by lying if I said she didn’t get this trait from me. She did. And it’s amazing. I’m so proud. Lately, “Kumbyah” has been the song of choice – only she changes the words. We’ve heard, “Change my bum, my yord! Change my bum!”, “Kum-by-eberyone my yord, Kum-by-Barney!”, “Kum-by-Gwennie girl, Kum-by-Eea!” to name a few. The list is endless, really.

She also loves to singing the “Soft Kitty” song from The Big Bang Theory that my girlfriends taught her. Only now? It goes like this, “Soft Gwennie, Warm Gwennie, Yittle Gwennie Gwennie!” and on and on and on. It is a hoot!


Along with singing made up songs, she has also started to really flourish in the area of ‘pretend play’. She loves to grocery shop, give me fake food and cook things. She has also started having pretend conversations. She talks to her reflection in the stove and has fake phone conversations all the time.

In these conversations, she almost always lifts one finger in the air and tells whoever she is “talking” to, “I right back, okay? I right back” before running off to the next task.


Some of her favourite expressions lately are, “I yub it!”, “Oh das okay Baby Gwennie!”, “Was da problem now, Gwennie?” and “You YOCO!” (you Loco). She still uses the pronoun “you” in place of “me” but has started picking up the proper use of “I”, “mine” and “my”. I hope she never ever figures out the pronoun me, though, because her use of “you” is so cute. When I put her to bed, she always asks me to “Tap you please” – meaning she wants me to tap her bum when she lays down. Melt my heart.


She has suddenly acquired one of her daddy’s childhood traits and become a crazy climber. I’ve found her standing on the dining room table, sitting on the window ledge that divides our living room and dining room and … wait for it, standing (COMPLETELY NAKED) on top of the toilet tank. More than once. The little monkey will give me grey hair, I tell ya.


Every morning when she gets up, we ask her what she had dreams about. Every morning, she tells us “babies”. Sometimes they are sleeping, sometimes cry-ning and sometimes swimming. But, she dreams about babies. Always.


More and more, I see her picking up phrases and expressions that she hears us saying. She talks to her sister the way she hears me talking to her sister. Hi sugah, sugah. Hi yittle girl. Was de problem now, Gwennie? Just yesterday I heard her tell Gwennie, “You has time out right now Gwennie”. Also, she talks to me the way she hears me talking to her. The other night I told her it was time for snack and a show. She said, “Eea go bed?”. I told her that yes, once she had her snack it was time to go to bed. Her face got entirely serious and she said, “Maybe yater, Momma. Maybe yater”.

She says “yittle while” and “yittle minute” and “one time” after almost everything she says. “I play toys yittle while”, “I hold Gwennie yittle minute”, “I read books one time”.

Every day she comes out with something that makes me bust out in laughter. Of course, every time she does I think “gotta remember to blog that” and I never do. Hopefully someday I (and she) will be able to look back on these posts and remember at least a glimpse of what these (funny) days were like.


Gina said...

Meeting Eea is on my Bucket List.

I guess you can be there too.

Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

I REALLY want to hear her sing "change my bum, my yord".

Shannon Dew said...

Gah I always smile when I read about her!