Tuesday, April 10, 2012



Tonight I’m sitting here, just wondering…

I’m wondering if I will ever again see a time in my life where I can wear a top or a pair of pants more than once before laundering it because it’s covered in child residue.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to hear Evalyn put the word “honey” or “sweetie” at the end of a sentence without dying of the cute?

I’m wondering if my feet (and other things that are no longer in my range of sight because of this giant basketball) still exist.

I’m wondering if I’ll survive the next three weeks that are so packed full of work and other busy stuff.

I’m wondering if I’ll spend all of May and June being bored out of my mind because I’ll be all! done! working! (unlikely)

I’m wondering when this crazy “Mama only” phase will end and my spunky, happy child will return without me having to worry about her flipping out when I walk out of her sight.

I’m wondering why I spent Easter weekend eating as though I am eating for 200 instead of eating for 2.

I’m wondering why I’m even bothering to write this post because it’s kind of stupid.

I’m wondering if I’ll ever sleep again.

I’m wondering who this little one inside me will be.

That’s what’s going on inside my crazy brain. What about you?


Aunt Shelley said...

Oh just wondering when we're going to see your cute family again (wouldn't be right to only mention Eva would it?)

Erica said...

I'm also wondering if I'll ever sleep again. Hmm. And a whole lot of other things. I need to try and write it out but I don't even know where to start. I feel like we're in a state of wondering right now! I should probably fill you in but it's mostly in regards to jobs and *gasp* moving. :/

I am also very much wondering what/who is inside of you!

Shannon Dew said...

E really says honey t the end of a sentence? OMG I die! Dead!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Im impressed E is saying sentences let alone adding such adorableness to the end!

And Jamie went through a HUGE mama phase around 15ish months. It's a lot better now!

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Sentences? Wow! I think girls are way more advanced when it comes to vocab or that's what I keep telling myself haha. E can barely put together two words right now!

Lindsay said...

Parker is going through the same separation thing and sometime it's bad with Lee too. She don't even want me BUT when I take her from him she doesn't SCREAM like when people take her from me! :(