Friday, March 9, 2012

Will I Ever Stop?

I’m nearly 18 months into this parenting gig and I’ll be the first to tell you, I still feel like it’s all brand new. There are surprises and changes around every corner. Sometimes I’ve got it all figured out. Sometimes I have no clue what I’m doing. Lately, I’ve often found myself looking at my daughter, watching her, observing her, and finding myself in awe at this little person who is becoming.

I’ve been wondering if the amazement I feel about her will ever stop?

Will I ever stop falling in love with watching my husband fall in love with his daughter(s)? And watching my daughter(s) figure out that their Daddy is the coolest guy on earth?

24 weeks 001

Will I ever stop feeling a little bittersweet every time I put away a too small outfit, pair of PJs or dress and pull out a few new, bigger things?

feb 149

Will I ever stop thinking it’s kind of cute and also kind of sad every time one of her “baby” words transforms and becomes clear enough for the rest of the world to understand?

feb 132

Will I ever stop being amazed as I watch my daughter learn to pretend play, as she washes her babies hands, teaches them how to walk, asks her lion flashlight to hold her blocks or acts out going to work with her little people figurines?

feb 119

Will I ever stop thinking the little things she says and does are hilarious and clever and unique and cute?

Will I ever stop being amazed at my little girl?


Jill said...

this makes me want to cry, it's so sweet. we're only at the beginning stages of accomplishments, but each time she rolls or stands up so straight, we are in complete awe. eva is so precious, i don't think mommies ever do stop falling in love with their little girls, or stop falling in love with their husbands falling in love with their little girls!

This Texas Momma said...


Erica said...

Pretty sure you and I both know the answer to this. Being a mommy is the best.

Mateya said...

So sweet! The amazement is only going to be amplified when you have TWO doing these awesome things! :)

Taylor said...

I can say that after 5 years it certainly doesn't stop! I don't much past there though!! I'm still constantly enamored by my child!!

Liz said...

No, I don't think you ever will. :) And seriously, isn't it so bittersweet when they start saying a word the right way?

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Nope :) You won't.

Erin said...

My guess is two-fold:

1. I doubt it!


2. I sincerely hope not!

It's all at once rewarding and heartbreaking to watch them grow and learn. I guess that's why we have MORE babies!

Happiness Is... said...

I am sure you might stop temporarily in high school when she is slamming doors and yelling about prom, but then the love should return to normal :)

I feel the same way about my little boy - there is not enough love in this world for him. His wife better be ready to meet some HIGH expectations from me!

Jess @ DudeandSweets said...


Because even when they're older, and they have to wear deodorant because they stink, and you make them wash their feet because they smell bad. And they have smart mouths. They're STILL your babies.

And they still have moments where you think "WOW. I made that. She is AMAZIUNG"

Perfectly Imperfect said...

nope. pretty sure you won't :) i haven't yet anyway.

Mumma said...

Nope ..... never ever!!!!

Tereasa said...

I'm sure it will never stop and it will be the same for every child God blesses you with. The things your children do will always be amazing simply because they're your children! You are a sweet mama to share that with us! Good post.

Laura said...

I am sure it will never stop... I hope not anyway! I know just what you mean though, I am constantly amazed and taken aback at how wonderful and awesome my little girl is!

Lindsay said...

OK, you had me tearing up! Being a mom is so hard. You are constantly saddened to tears and overwhelmed with excitement all in the same moment! It's SO awesome :)