Monday, December 5, 2011

Things on Monday

A mindless post for Monday.

Things that make me happy…Christmas decorations, puppy chow and peanut butter balls.

Things that don’t make me happy…Eva’s Sunday switch from a 7 am wake up time to a 5:30 am wake up time, morning sickness, barf buckets.

Things that are cute…Watching Eva do the actions to “Who Made the Fishies Swim” and hearing her ask me to replace “Fishies swim” with all of the other words she knows.

Things that are funny…watching Evalyn “shake her booty”.

Things that are not funny…Telling your wife you forgot to pick up your daughter on her first day of day care.

Things that I am anticipating…Hearing sweet baby #2s heartbeat next week.

Things that I am dreading…The next two weeks of grading to get a few much needed weeks of holidays.


Erin said...

We had the same 5:30 wakeup this morning. It was AWFUL! Makes for one tired momma, that's for sure!

Backwards Amber said...

Peter messes with me all the time when he takes Alexa to daycare. He's fooled me more than once in telling me he left work without her!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

BAHAHAHA. Oh evan.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully she will sleep later tomorrow so mommy can get some rest. Those early wake up calls are no fun at all!

Im right there with you on grading but ready for the holidays.