Friday, December 2, 2011

Jolly Old St. Nick

If you are around these parts this time last year, you may remember that Evalyn had a grand old time visiting Mr. Claus at the mall.

It was definitely hard to beat last year’s photo, but this year she had just as great of a time. As soon as she saw him she asked me to get out of her stroller and kept saying “Ho, ho, ho peas. Ho, ho peas”. She had no hesitation going to sit on his knee and started saying “Cheeeee” for the camera right away.

What a difference a year makes! (Excuse the quality of this year’s photo, it’s a picture of a picture since I didn’t get digital copies yet and haven't been able to scan it).

Santa then and now

Santa then and now1

Let the holiday season begin.


This Texas Momma said...

So glad she wasn't scared! (although, I still want at least one picture of one of my kids screaming on Santa's lap.) Sweet girl! I'm hoping to take the kids Monday night...we'll see how it goes with two.

Laura said...

Aww, I'm jealous your daughter wasnt afraid. My daughter stared at Santa the whole time we were in line, it was a beautiful setting, I envisioned a perfect picture! I placed her on his lap and immediate tears. She was FREAKED out by the man. Poor Santa, he tried really hard too!


Erin said...

SO cute! Last year's Santa looks a little more jolly though :) I'm dying to take J to meet Santa as well! Yay for the holidays!

Backwards Amber said...

Awesome shot! I'm totally jealous because last year was a no-go. Really hoping this year is better!!!!

Nana K said...

It would appear that she totally gets the whole Santa scene!!!!

Gina said...

I need to take G. I can't imagine he'll be scared but I secretly wanted a crying photo when L was little and never got maybe I'll get "lucky" with G. Ha!