Tuesday, November 22, 2011

14 Months

I have been the most horrible of all horrible bloggers over the past few months. Right now, life is just too much. I’m having trouble juggling my work responsibilities, with my mothering, housekeeping, wifing, friending, familying and other responsibilities. Add in the approaching holiday season and I’m about done. I realized this morning how horrible I have been at letting life slip past me unnoticed when I realized that it’s November 22nd and I don’t even have a “November 2011” folder in my pictures. Which means? I have taken no photos this month. None.

I don’t want life to slip by unnoticed. I don’t want to forget the details. So, even though when 13 months rolled around I decided not to keep up with monthly posts, I decided to do one today for 14 months. It’s a strange milestone to celebrate, but I haven’t been focusing enough on the things my girl has been doing lately, and I know that with her 15 monther coming a few days before Christmas, it will get lost in the hustle bustle.


So, here we are. My sweet angel, you are 14 months old today. You are such a little rip. You are mischievous, and funny, and a smart alec, but you have such a sweet, tender side as well. Those moments when you climb up onto my lap, and say “Mama” while hugging me and kissing me, or when you ask to “cudd-o” with me? Those moments melt my heart.

You are getting so, so, so big. I’m not sure where you are for weight but you’re wearing 12 and 18 month clothes. And you are such a little girl. You love your clothes. A few weeks ago, I picked up a few clearance items for next fall/winter and when you saw them come out of the bag, you reached for them and say “Oh! Coat! Thank you!” Everything is either a coat or a hat.

Your vocabulary is expanding daily. You try to repeat words we say, you know most people’s names, and you are starting to show some interest in stringing together words to communicate your ideas. You will say “boo peaaas” (book please) or “mo mi” (more milk) or “Dada go?” You are really starting to learn the context of manners and say please and thank you at appropriate times. Right now, my very favourite thing you say is “Iknow” when you mean to say, “I don’t know”.

You love your books. As always. Almost daily, when I start to get suspicious about the silence coming from your bedroom, I find you on your rocking chair, or more recently, up on MY rocking chair, reading your books. Your favourite is “Go Dog, Go” (Gah, Do, Go) and the bible.

You love to sing songs. Especially Ba Ba Black Sheep, Jesus Loves Me, Who Made the Fishies Swim and the ABCs. You love Barney, Mickey Mouse and Tigger. We saw Tigger in the mall last weekend and I thought you’d be scared of him. But, no. As soon as you spotted him you yelled “Tiiii-taaaa” and signed/said “please” asking to go see him. You went right up to him and held his hand and everything. Hopefully you have just as favourable of a reaction to Santa in a few weeks.

You also love to dance. You shake your booty like your Mama. That means, you have no rhythm and look like you’re going to seriously injure yourself or someone else while you’re dancing.

You still haven’t learned the art of being sneaky when you’re up to no good. Whenever you get into something you’re not supposed to (which is only about 490280483 times per day) you do so while saying, “No, no, no, no”. I’m sure you’ll figure out that this isn’t in your best interest pretty soon.

Our sweet Evalyn, you add so much joy to our lives every single day. Our hearts belong to you. Daddy and I laugh about the silly things you do every day and are so thankful for the gift you are to us.

My sweet girl. My baby. You’re the best sidekick I could ask for.

Love you, Mama


erin - mutterings of eringirl said...

Good lord she is just so precious. When I look at pictures of her I always think she has a lot of similarities to my Ana!

You don't need a folder full of pictures of her. Just one or two to remember the month by. Don't stress yourself out with hundreds of pictures to sort through later.

Penny said...

Awww!! What a sweet letter! And she is just absolutely adorable!

Aunt Shelley said...

is that wifing or wi-fing...tee hee!!Which wins? Sorry Evan!
PS...call me and I will take Eva for a few hours

Jess said...

My God, you two make some seriously cute babies.