Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Diva By Day, Farm Girl By Night

Having a mother like me and a father like Evan, Evalyn gets to experience many sides of life. I do my very best to ensure that she is a girly girl through and through while Evan does his best to ensure that she’s not.

Thankfully, so far, it seems like the combination of the two of us keeps her perfectly well balanced. She knows how to sport many different hats, and looks cute all the while.

Girlfriend is a diva by day and a farm girl by night.

With me, she gets to shop till she drops. Clothes make her excited. A shopping bag on her arm? Perfection. See for yourself…

Diva By Day

And with her Daddy, she’s not afraid to get a little dirt under her finger nails. Or, you know, in her mouth, as she takes a huge chunk out of a freshly dug potato.

Diva By Day1

And while these photos are cute and fun and silly – I love what they signify. I want my daughter to grow up knowing she can be what she wants, and enjoy what she enjoys. She doesn’t have to fit into any mould. If she wants to play with her dollies in the morning and then ride on the tractor with Evan in the afternoon and finish off the day jumping in mud puddles before getting her toenails painted? So be it. She doesn’t have to be a frilly princess. But she can if she wants. She doesn’t have to be a tomboy. But she can if she wants. She can be both. She can be neither.

I want her to experience a variety of hobbies and interests and pastimes – and I want her to discover what it is that she loves. And then when she does? I want her to do her best and try her hardest at whatever it is.

Even if it does mean she chooses to feed the chickens. Ick.


Jill said...

i love the balance of diva and farm girl. like you said, she'll know she has the option to be what she wants because you have given and will continue to give her the opportunities

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

It sounds to me like she is going to be one very well rounded little girl! Love it!