Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Picnic and the Park

Eva has two Nanas who love her very much and spoil her rotten when they are around. Unfortunately, one of them lives an hour and a half away and the other one lives three hours away. This means she only gets to see them every now and again. But, regardless of her Nanas being far away, Eva is a lucky duck because she also has some Aunties who live just down the road and love to hang out with her.

Last Friday, Evalyn and I met Auntie Marcia down at the beach for a picnic. Sadly, Auntie Linda couldn’t join us, but there’s always next time. The sky threatened to rain, but luckily, it just sprinkled while we ate our lunch of cheese, crackers, salami, veggies, hummus and pitas, fruit and yogurt under the pavilion and then stopped all together when we were done so we could enjoy a little walk along the boardwalk.

2011-06-24 picnic

And last night was just another fun time spent with the Aunties. I took spaghetti, garlic bread and salad over for dinner since Evan is working there right now and after dinner, us girlies headed to the park.

Evalyn loved playing peek-a-boo with Auntie Marcia and trying to catch Linda’s fingers through the holes on the bottom of the jungle gym. And, Little Miss decided to show me that she can climb steps as she quickly scooted from one level of the playground to the next. She hasn’t quite grasped the concept of the slide yet, but I’m sure she’ll figure it out before too long.


I foresee many, many more picnics and park days in our future because she’s at a super duper fun age to enjoy all the goodness of summer. Thanks, Aunties, for all the good times. And here’s to many, many more.

(There, Marcia, now you can stop complaining that the picnic didn’t make it onto the blog. Sheesh. Happy now?).


Lindsey said...

Connor's future wife is looking so cute these days! I love time at the park. So much fun. Luckily we have one basically in our backyard.

Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

hehe I love love that picture of the close up on her smily face!

Anonymous said...


AuntieLinda said...

Notice how Lindsay, this busy mother of a baby has to make lunch AND dinner for the Aunties. Yes, we sure appreciate her and owe her a great dinner sometime soon!

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

I really need to take Ethan to a park! This looks like so much fun. She is so adorable!