Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Mom’s Best Friend

Now that Eva has started eating solids, I’ve had to learn how to organize and plan for being out and about during her “meal” times. Since she doesn’t eat a lot of baby food, this used to mean packing up little containers of chicken pieces, peas and carrots, avocado and so on … not overly convenient.

I was at WalMart a few weeks ago when I saw these.


I remember my friend Trish (same girl who makes the muffins – she’s full of great tips) having something similar for her little girl who also didn’t like to eat purees. I picked up a few and decided to give them a try.

The first time I tried it, Evalyn like it pretty well and was able to figure out how to suck the food straight from the pouch. The only problem was that I felt like she was biting down on the plastic spout and catching her teeth on it. It just didn’t seem like it was the best idea. So, I tried giving some of it to her on a spoon, which worked fine, but then, was no different than any other jar of baby food.

In talking to a few of my tweeps, someone mentioned that there are spoons that are designed specifically to attach to the Plum brand baby food pouches. Unfortunately, these brands are only sold in the states. Of course, it’s no big deal for me to travel across the border for a shopping trip, but it is physically impossible for me take a trip to Target and come home with only baby food. So, I did what any logical human being would do and put out a request on facebook to see if anyone around me had plans to go over. Lucky for me, my Aunt Shelley was going the next day.

She came back with a pile of loot.

Two of these:

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And a variety of packages of Plum food.

Let me tell you – these dispensing spoons are the kind of baby product that I would normally look at, laugh, and talk about how unnecessary it is to have such strange gadgets for kids. But, I would be wrong.

These spoons – which are made specifically for Plum pouches but fit on Baby Gourmet as well – make feeding my child on the go so.much.easier.

Even though she is eating mostly table food, we aren’t yet to the point where I can assume that what we’re eating at a friend or relative’s house, or at a restaurant will be suitable for her. Since we haven’t introduced wheat or eggs, and just introduced yogurt a few days ago – eating outside of our home can be difficult. At a restaurant, if we order chicken we can share with her, but there is usually some kind of sauce or breading or something that she can’t have. And, like I said previously, while it’s possible to pack up and cart around little containers of her finger food, it’s just not the most convenient.

Now, I always have a case of spoons and a few pouches of food in my bag for when we’re out. They are easy, less messy and so much more convenient than table food or jarred baby food. And I love that there is no waste. When I feed her straight from a bowl, I always toss the remainder out. I know different people have mixed feelings about this – but my kid seems to have a perpetually snotty nose – so by the time the spoon has gone between her mouth and the bowl a few times, I’m pretty sure there’s a nice blend of snot in her dish. Which,  you know, is disgusting. I wouldn’t want to eat that. But with the pouches and spoons? No snotty backwash gets back into the pouch. I can reseal it, put it in the fridge and have her finish it off at the next sitting.

So, if you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to feed your baby on the go, you may want to give these a try.

Of course, my raving about these products is only one side of the story. The important thing is what Evalyn thinks of them.

I’ll let you be the judge.

baby food

** These opinions are completely and entirely my own – I am not affiliated with or being compensated by any of these companies in anyway.


Tecia said...

I love these two and agree with everything you said.. They are so easy when eating out.

Laura said...

Plum organics is my favorite to take out!

Aunt Shelley said...

So my "baby" turned 16 today...I'm not all that old but when we were shopping from your list we felt like baby food sure has evolved since we used it..we laughed when a mom with a baby strapped on her chest asked us for advice