Friday, April 1, 2011

You Know You Have A Sickie Babe When…Lessons from a first time mother.

~ you find crusted snot on various parts of your body on a daily basis. Your legs, your hands, even in your hair.

~ when you go to sleep after your baby gives you a wake up call around 10:30, you are so excited when you realize that you’ve made it all! the! way! to 12:30 without her waking up again. Then you spend the rest of the night praying that you get at least one hour of sleep at a time.

~ your house looks like a mild tornado passed through.

~ you do your baby’s laundry only to have to do it again two days later because you realize every single sleeper that fits her is dirty again … already.

~ you do your own laundry and have to do it again two days later because you realize every single pair of track pants is dirty again … already.

~ your baby starts to freak as soon as she sees you coming near her with anything that may be considered a nose wiping weapon.

~ you consider buying stock in Kleenex because it would probably be more financially efficient than spending thousands (okay, not really) of dollars on tissues.

~ speaking of tissue, you can know find a tissue anywhere in your house within arms reach because you have strategically placed them in various locations.

~ you have become very well acquainted with how your thermometer works.

~ you have attempted to “sleep” in the chair in the nursery, with your baby curled up to you in bed, sitting on the floor beside the baby swing, and other locations around the house.

~ you think it’s cute that your baby has learned to give kisses but kinda wish this development took place during a week when she didn’t have goobers all over the place, so you could avoid getting a snot facial with every single kiss.

~ you miss the almost constant laughter of your super happy baby because it’s been replaced with almost constant whining.

~ you are tired. Your baby is tired. And you just wish for health to be restored.

** Just to add – these are things I’ve discovered over the past two weeks, but Eva is feeling quite a lot better. Definitely on the road to recovery. I appreciate everyone’s comments/e-mails/tweets/texts etc asking about her.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Ain't this list the truth? dangg.

Emeline would speed crawl away from me if I was coming near her with any snot sucking/wiping device. Poor kids!

Kar said...

hmmm... a snot facial??!! that must leave the skin 'glowing' hehe

I'm so glad she's feeling better and that better = sleep!


Tricia said...

glad she's on the mend and thanks for giving me some wonderful things to look foward too lol :)