Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gettin’ a Little Crazy

On Friday night, I got to enjoy a girl’s night out. A real live girl’s night out. And I got a little crazy.

First, C-Biscuit spent the afternoon at our place. Then her hubby, BiggBurd joined us in time for dinner. After dinner, C and I got ready to head out for a night on the town.

When we left, The Dude was bathing Eva and BiggBurd was doing the dishes from dinner. Very nice. As I was walking out the door, the Dude told me to “not come back too soon”. He knows that even though I had planned an evening out, it would be so like me to turn around and head home in an hour.

C and I got in her car and started cruising down the road. We made our first wild stop at the post office depot, where I picked up my Shutterfly photobook. Then? We ventured all the way to Dairy Queen to get blizzards. I know. It’s hard to believe.

After we finished our blizzards we … hold on to your hats … it’s about to get even crazier than you ever imagined … went to the Superstore. Yes, that’s right. We went to a grocery store. But, there are clothes, and toys, and kitchen gadgets there, so it’s not that bad.

We wandered the aisles for a while and each picked out a few goodies. Finally, I had to break it to Crystal that we had to go home like now because I needed to be reunited with my pump.

Okay, so maybe I’ve lost my ability to live a little since becoming a mother but I’m working on it. I’ll get it back someday. Maybe?


Gaby said...

Haha you went wild ;) . This sounds like my husbands and I outing to the "grocery store" where indeed there are clothes and other stuff :)

Jess said...

Welcome to motherhood.

Where the hotness melds into old and decrepit mommyville.

Samantha said...

Oh gf you are a wild child!! If it's in it, it never leaves you, just takes a rest once in awhile.

Kar said...

DQ??? you did live it UP!!!
The superstore is a blissful place- I think I need to make a trip there soon :) With out my girls.

Holly said...

Oh my gosh, did you use those 2for1 blizzard coupons? I'm going to tell Katie!

Brittany Ann said...

Is it sad that this is most of night's out already? (I keep saying this on your posts, but I hit old-lady way before motherhood, it seems, and I'm freaked out!)

Jackie said...

Sounds like me. ;)

Jaclyn_Rose said...

Now you're making me crave a blizzard!!! I'll have to settle for Italian gelato.