Friday, January 7, 2011

There she goes, there she goes, there she goes again

This isn’t the first time I’ve written a post like this.

Just over two years ago, I hugged the BFF goodbye as she ventured off to Scotland to live for a year.

On Tuesday night, I hugged that same hug and cried those same tears as we said goodbye. This time, she’s journeying out to Western Canada to live in Calgary to go to school.

I was really hoping to get a night out with her (without baby) before she left. She was not supposed to leave until closer to the end of the month but on Monday plans quickly changed and she ended up having to get all her ducks in a row in order to leave yesterday. That left precious little time to make plans. Which meant, spending an evening on my couch in our pyjamas would have to do. And it did.

While I’m sad that she is gone and that we won’t get to spend our days together eating cookie dough, shopping and chit chatting, I am so happy and proud of her for, once again, following her dreams! I know, from our past experiences, that all the miles in the world cannot separate us as friends.

And hey, I got to see Scotland, England and Rome as a result of her adventuresome nature. Maybe this time Western Canada is calling my name?

Good luck to you my sweet friend.


I’ll see you when I see you!


Erin said...

What a great picture! Lucky to have a friend like her and she is lucky to have a friend like you. Hope you get to see her sooner then later!

Jackie said...

Awww...praying for safe travels for her.

Jaclyn_Rose said...

Awww, it's sad when friends are far away.

BUT western Canada rocks!!

Katie said...

similar hair-do's and all. Thats love.

Taryn said...

Oh- I am sorry to hear that she has left again. But now you have a reason to make that millionaire shortbread again. = )

Brittany Ann said...

On one hand, I hate how far apart my besties and I are.

But I have got to see some great places because of them!

Gina said...

You guys are cuties.

I have had to say goodbye to my besties too and it hurts.

Like hell.

Sorry, friend.

Emily said...

You two could be sisters! Or perhaps you just share the same hot first cousin?! tee hee! ;)